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Elder Cropper - December 30 2013 (This is my favorite letter so far)

Samuel Cropper

Well it was great to talk with you guys! I was really excited before, really mellow during and all bummed out after all was said and done. It’s a little hard for me to talk with you guys because I’d much rather just be there. But also I’m just used to being here and I think i just don’t think about the fam. Something my mind does automatically. 

Thanks for the advice! i really liked it and I am going to apply it. Challenge accepted Mother and Father. I like being obedient but i also go through high points and low points I’m kind of a lazy person and like to do things in my own way. Not very much of a sacrificer. I’ll have to work harder on that. I’ve decided to start January 1. I could start now but i always find power in beginning at some kind of new phase. Kind of a weakness but we go step by step. 

This week was really good, our investigator Elisabeth got baptized which was awesome, I attached a photo in an email. She asked me to baptize her which was very nice of her. My first baptism that i performed in spanish. I was really nervous (my first area) but this one was just joyful and spiritual. I know she felt he spirit because I could feel it very strongly. Not like a fire burning but more of a calm just being there doing the right thing. I feel like the spirit was testifying to her that what she was doing as right and maybe a little to me as well--that i was doing the right thing; if so, an answer to prayer. I now have 10 baptisms which makes me happy because my goal is 24-one for every month. I have 10 months in the mission and 10 baptisms so were right on track. I like my baptismal goal for my mission because president wants us to baptize at least every month with the vision of baptizing every week. 24 baptisms seems much more reachable then 104 when the highest baptizing missionary in the mission baptized like 44.   

I had a good week with maybe one little difficult thing. Elder H and I had an interchange division thing with Elder F in our zone. Elder F told Elder H that he feels I’m cold and not very nice and that there are members who feel the same. for example the bishop. This mad me feel a little bad. Elder F and the bishop like to talk about soccer a lot which, well I’m not very good at talking about that. I think they want me to so how be more friendly because they want to be better friends with me. So I’m focusing on that a little more. They focus a lot on soccer here now. We play every Monday with the ward. I’m not very good at soccer and i really get nervous and anxious about it because the boys who we play with (young men) sometimes get mad when I mess up and complain. it’s not very nice and i struggle with it. The Elders don’t really help me either. I tried talking about it with Elder H and he didn’t really give me the time of day. To me playing competitive sports is like drinking. People change when they drink and they change when they get competitive. Anyways today i decided to just be a little bit nicer, focus on cheering people on and trying to have a good attitude. I think it worked out a lot better. There were still a lot of hot heads though.   

Cool spiritual experience for the week-well it actually happened last week. I read the BoM often for my personal study. Recently the mission president asked us to read the BoM  as a mission so I started again from the beginning. Well one day i started my personal study and began reading from the beginning. Well while i was reading and marking the things president wants us to mark I felt the presence of the spirit really strong--s strong as if i were in the temple. It really amazing actually. Well i was thinking to myself “wow why do i feel the spirit so strongly?” While i was thinking on that I read 1 nephi 1:12 which says 

 12 And it came to pass that as he read, he was filled with the Spirit of the Lord.

Well i thought that was pretty cool and a strong answer to a silent prayer. 

So invitation is read your BoM everyday because it will help you resist temptation, receive the spirit, and just feel good.

Love ya all!

Elder Cropper

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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