Monday, January 20, 2014

Elder Cropper - January 13, 2014

We had an ok week. Its being insanely hard to find.  I’ve never found so little in my whole entire mission. Its not just us-its the whole zone and the other zone as well thats in our city. One of our district leaders reviewed the numbers of this zone from the last year and they only baptised 4 in january the last year and it was one huge zone not 2 like it is now. Well that made me feel a little better because i think were going to baptize 7 in the zone. Don’t know if we will keep with the progression that we were having but we are trying.

Elder H is not being very obedient which is very difficult for me. He wants to stop by members house who have Playstation 3 so he can play a soccer video game that they have. That’s really hard for me because I would love to play video games too lol. But its alright because I’m going to bring down the hammer. I think Elder Honor thinks about himself a lot which makes him a hard companion. I think I’ve progressed in being a little bit more humble and patient with him which is why we haven’t fought recently. 

A Cool experience happened this week in church. I was in the sacrament meeting and noticed somebody who i hadn't seen before. I’ve learned on my mission that as a missionary you don’t rationalize and say oh he’s probably visiting or a friend of a member-I’m sure he’s ok. If you don’t recognize someone as a missionary then its a pretty sure thing that the members don’t know him either so I went by and sat next to him. Turned out that he came to church on his own and actually had come to church the week before ( I was in a different ward). I sat next to him the whole meeting and he had many questions. I answered most of them and then had him read the lesson 2 pamphlet (plan of salvation). He loved all of it. He lives in the area of some sisters so after the meeting I introduced him to them and they did their thing. I think he will get baptized this month which will be great. The sisters said it was an answer to prayer because they don’t really have anyone that’s coming out of the woodwork. I was glad I followed the impression or feeling to go talk to him.

We played soccer today which was fun. I got a little injured which sucks. It wasn't a very loving situation because they just kept playing and no one came over to ask if i was ok. I mean I’m not a baby-it hurt really bad. It’s still hurting, but whatever. Like i said when people get competitive they change-especially Latinos and soccer. What happened was i basically kicked the ball while someone else was blocking the ball. I don’t know how to explain it but it hurt my leg a lot-like the knee area. Anyways i guess something that I’ve always learned is that if someone gets hurt while your playing a sport you stop and help them. Maybe I’m just a sensitive person lol.

Anyways things are going good, were coming up on the year mark. I was talking with a member the other day, she thought i had started my mission here. Actually she asked me if i was still in my training (she’s a returned missionary and knows stuff like that) I don’t interact with her very much so it didn’t bother me that she thought that but i was like come on people hahaha. Who cares-members are clueless sometimes, and not very nice.

I don’t want anything for my birthday. Well maybe an ipod to replace the one that was stolen. If it is at all possible and ipod with  screen so i can select songs. It doesn’t matter if it has video capabilities it just should have internet capabilities like the ipod touch. If not i can maybe just find something here. other then that I’m doing good. I learned with christmas that not getting presents doesn’t make me feel bad. I love getting them but if i don’t its all good.

Dad thank you for the things you said in your letter especially in the end. I always seem to receive a lot of good counsel in your letters which always makes me cry when i read them. Thanks for being a good Dad.

Mary: your companion is crazy and i literally laughed when i read the part about the boy friend and law of chastity thing. She caught ya mary! I think she’s the one that did something bad with her BF before the mission. Vent to the president not other missionaries even though its tempting ( but you know that) I’m happy your going to have a baptism. 

Well got to go love you all!!!!!!!
Elder Cropper

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