Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Elder Cropper - January 6, 2014

So funny thing from this week happened in the consejo meeting of the mission this last friday. Two of my friends Elders B and Elder T said this to me as I walked past them. 

“Elder Cropper we don’t care what your Mom says about you on facebook, you’re a great missionary.”

Anyways I thought it was really funny. Just a nice comfortable poking-fun American joke.  

I struggle as well just like Mary with my companion and how he makes fun of me. It’s difficult to deal with and I get offended. Elder H and I got in a really big fight this last week. He said something that I didn’t like so we fought Wednesday in the night. We were sitting and going over our day. I was adding up numbers and didn’t hear something he said so I asked him to say it again. He told me to "plug in" or pay attencion in spanish. Anyways I didn’t really like that I think I had some built up emotion from feeling like i was being cold to the ward, anyways I asked him to not say that so he said it again, I asked him to not say it 2 times more and every time he said it again and started laughing. Well I had just about had it. I told him he was a rude person and I didn’t like how he joked with me. It basically digressed from there. I said some stupid things and he said some really stupid things, he actually kind of threw a temper tantrum. Anyways we’re fine now. I think me being more obedient helps. Because if I tell him we need to do something (that needs to be done with obedience) he can’t say anything back. Elder H only has like 2 months left so i think he’s “walking out the door” a little.

WE had the big mission meeting this last week and it was really good. I prayed that it would go well and make me excited and not sad or bummed. Well prayers were answered--it made me really excited to work and be better. 

These last few days have been really enjoyable just because of the obedience thing I think. I’ve really been trying to focus more on the beauty of just being a missionary. I was thinking during my study time saturday that “wow, I’m a missionary. Why am I getting all caught up in what other people think about me, I need to enjoy this time and focus more on sharing the gospel then on how many baptisms we have in the zone or what does my mission president or bishop think of me.”

Dad: Thanks for the scripture i really liked it. 

I received two letters from you guys as well as a package from the Laws and you guys! Thanks for the stuff!!!!

your package had sticky notes and some other stuff in it.

Mary having native companions is tough, but you grow the most......rock it dude!

Dad, love ya man

Well got to go,


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