Monday, January 20, 2014

Sister Cropper - January 13, 2014

So this last week was okay with the work. Our baptism fell through but we found an elect!! This girl named Lucia. She is 21 and really cute. She has depression which has been really hard for her but she really likes our church. We are going to baptize her next Sunday. She already has a BOM and went to a baptism yesterday so it is good! Sister Alves and I plan on working really hard this week and being very obedient so I know we will have milagres (miracles). Thank you for the scriptures and the prayers. I am definitely learning a lot but even more that I need to give more, I need to think more about my investigators, give more sacrifice and just work.

I am reading in Mosiah now and chapter 4 really helped me the other day ago understand what I need to do with my companion. It takes about a change of heart, peace and service. Especially verses 10 to 26. Also I never mentioned how much I love Jacob!! He is so awesome and I think it is my favorite book in the BOM. Chapter 6 and 7 is great for missionary work! Read it!

Anyways, family, I love you and I am good. Mom don´t worry too much about the birthday stuff. I can buy stuff here. Maybe just send money with Sister Collins. It is just a lot easier.

Oh! I got the package!! Thank you so much!!! I will make the puppy chow TODAY!! I am soooooo excited!

Love you all and hope your week will be great! Stay warm in the cold weather!


Sister Cropper

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