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Sister Cropper - December 30, 2013

Dear Family:
Hello all. I was very excited to read your emails. Thank you for the love and worry. I am a lot better now. Things were just being hard with my companion and it was just a bunch of things going on. I have been feeling a lot of stress and nervousness and I haven´t really felt myself for a while. SO I had a little bit of depression on thursday NOT because of you guys or that I talked to you but just other things that were building up and finally came out. Since I have arrived in Brazil, I lost a lot of my confidence and especially in teaching. I would get scared to start lessons and even just have a conversation with people. Like Sam said before that he is more quiet in espanol, I am really quiet in portuguese. Also, my companion and I were having troubles but we talked it out more and figured things out. Now I am really good and I plan on not crying AT ALL this week. My companion and I are completely different and it was just hard because she didn´t understand me and I didn´t understand her. But we are a lot happier and are joking around a lot more. There isn´t tension or a bad spirit. And I am sleeping better. I told Jack (Sister Monteiro) and she said the key is to take a shower at night. It is really hot here and she said that the key is to jsut take a shower at night so I have been doing that and it works like a charm! 

ANYWAYS, so this is the last week before transfers. Next week I will know what is going on and if I will stay or go. I always don´t know what will happen, only Heavenly Father. 

Oh by the way, my companion is making me get my ears piereced today so next week I will send pictures! AHHHHHHH I´m not scared just a little nervous. 

My mission president is definitely different but I really do love him. I know they may seem a little crazy but they are like my second parents. I do trust them and they love me so no worries about them. And if I baptize someone that wasn´t ready for baptism or has an ongoing problem with the word of wisdom after baptism, it is on my mission president not me because I am just following what he wants. 

MOM- don´t be irritated about the clothes thing. And yes I am wearing those skirts! I will make sure I take more pictures with them. I think because I was wearing the same things. For example, this one day I wore the stripped blue and white shirt with my gray skirt (my other skirts were dirty) and my brown shoes. That was a while ago and I really wasn´t looking good and I knew it. I am paying more attention now and looking better. But really I wasn´t putting 100% into how I look. I just have to embrace the brazilian way right now. For example, my companion thinks it is disgusting that I put my pajamas on again after I take a shower in the morning (because I like to stay in them before I put on a skirt!) or she thinks it is disgusting that I don´t wash my skirts after every time I wear them! Haha brazilians have very strong opinions sometimes. 

It sounds like your Christmas was really good! I am glad you guys had a good and relaxing time. Happy new year by the way!! Holy cow, already 2014!! 

Elder Cropper- Hello! I am glad things are great in your zone! WAY to go!!! Faith is so important, a mission rule we have is to read Ether 12 EVERYDAY! But is good because it is a really important chapter and I learn something new almost every single day. 

Anyways, we are planning to baptize 2 people this week. One is a sister of the girl we baptized and the other is this guy we found who says he was already baptized but he literally knows nothing about our church or baptism. So we asked him that if he needed to be baptized again (he didn´t receive the holy ghost and we´re not 100% sure if he was baptized) would he? He said yes! So it is happening! 

Anyways, family love you. Thank you for the prayers! I am a lot better and working on getting back to my old self! Don´t worry about me! I will be fine!!! 


Sister Cropper 

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