Monday, January 20, 2014

Sister Cropper - January 20, 2014

Dear Family: 

There is a large barrier between brazilians and americans. They think we are really selfish and don´t know anything and that makes things difficult sometimes. I have had several companions tell me that I am different than other Americans that they know, that I am more humble and kind. One thing that is hard about Brazilians is that they do really like to control things and so it makes it hard working together sometimes because they have strong opinions. Especially it is hard because sometimes my companion says things and I don´t know if she is joking or not. So it is hard because we don’t know when each other is joking or being serious.

Mother- I did really lose a lot of my perspective and I am grateful for my friends that helped me realize that. And you guys as well. But now i am treating this situation differently. I am standing up for myself. I am not going to lose myself. I do feel more myself and I am trying to be the "lioness" that i was. I have let her walk over me a little bit but now i realize when she is playing mind games with me.

But family, i am feeling better. i feel more in control and myself. it has been hard and SOMETIMES I have cried but I am strong and I know that I have been right. 

Family, I love you. I feel better and have a better control on things than this last transfer. I recognize when I am sad or feeling put down. I love you all so much!! 

About the earrings, I was just lazy and didn´t send the pictures. it was more important to me to send an email than pictures. But i am sending the pictures right now so don´t worry! I am actually happy that I got my ears pierced because I have been needing to do it. 

Anne- Thank you so much for the christmas card!! Oh my goodness, i loved it!!!! 

Mom- Thank Aunt Nancy for the package! It was great and I loved it and loved the brownies. 

Dad- Thank you for the letter and the help!

And yes, I got my ears pierced as well.

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