Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sister Cropper - January 6, 2014

So the theme for this week is the verb “peidar.” My companion (whenever she passes gas) always says this word to me!! Whenever we are walking on the street she says, “Sister cropper,” I turn and look and she says “peidei.” Literally my companion is crazy. Sometimes. 

So some crazy news, I will be staying in Ponta Grossa for this next transfer with Sister A and we will be getting 2 more sisters! It is crazy because our area is really small and it will be hard to work because in 6 weeks I have already knocked on all the doors here, I don´t know how another set of sisters are going to work but obviously the Lord thinks it will be fine. 

I am a little disappointed that I am staying with Sister A because like I said before she is a little hard and annoying but she has also helped me a lot. One thing that I have realized is to not let the things she tells me get to me. Like when she teases me and tells me I am dumb or my hair is ugly, she is actually teasing me. I just have to learn a lot of patience especially because this last week was hard. Thankfully I didn´t cry because I have cried almost every single week this last transfer but it was hard because she has lost motivation to WORK! My companion who helped me have 50+ lesson/week went down to 15 lessons this last week. It was awful. She is just sick of this area and especially the fact that she is staying and we are getting another companionship makes it worse. But she has talked to our DL about it already and i told President in this last email. I just hate not working. I feel awful and I feel like I am wasting my mission. I hate it especially because I only have about 8 months left!!! 

But all is good, I will live and so will Sister A. One thing that confirmed to me that I am not in the wrong is yesterday when I was talking with the Bishop, he told me that the members think my companion is annoying. I just laughed and said, really?! The fact that he told me that and some other things that happened just confirmed to me that it is not the Brazilian culture, it is the Sister A’s culture. It is just ironic that the Bishop said that because this last week we had lunch with a member and I wanted to go ask if they needed help, she told me before I went to ask,"what are you doing?!" I replied, I am going to ask if they need help making lunch. She then told me not to do that but I just didn´t listen to her and went to go ask. They replied no so I went back to sit on the sofa. She then told me that members are going to think I am annoying because Brazilians like doing things on their own and don´t like it when people ask if they need help! Haha WRONG Sister A! WRONG! Also, she likes praying and asking God a question, and then opening her scriptures and finding the answer from God through that. She asked God if she was leaving Ala 1. She found a scripture that said she would travel to different places so she felt she was leaving. Well that didn´t happen, so that confirms to me that sometimes her revelation isn´t always accurate. 

Anyways, I am good and ready to just work. I just want to work. She says she is ready so hopefully this week we will have more than just 15 lessons! 

A lesson is when we have a prayer, share a message and ask questions and help the person come closer to Jesus Christ. We have been given instruction that after we have taught a part of the doctrine and the person doesn´t understand a part or doesn´t agree, we just need to testify and leave. So sometimes that happens that after we have explained with a scripture and words what a prophet is and a person disagrees or says that their pastor is a prophet or we are and we explain again but they don´t get it, we testify and leave. 


FAMILY love you all! sorry I ran out of time. I love you and thank you for the letters. Mom for my birthday, more clothes? I am an 8 probably now. Just send what you think I would like. Only more skirts! 

Sorry couldn´t send a picture. Next week I will send one! I love reading your letters so thank you! 


Sister Cropper 

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