Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Elder Cropper - February 10, 2014

Sam´s Outline of the week:

So i had a pretty good week. We moved to our new house last monday which was super nice. Having a nice house is key to Elder Cropper’s happiness in the mission. If the house is not stable Elder Cropper is not stable. Well he can be but it because a distracting factor. WE worked pretty hard, actually we worked really hard probably the hardest ive ever worked in my whole mission so that was a great thing. The missionary i am right now is the best ive ever been in my whole mission hands down at my peak as of right now. Now i dont want to say my peak because im still growing but i could feel a reason why president sent me to this place and i think its this. Get back to the missionary work part of missionary work. 

Sam and his house:

We live in a small house in the middle of our sector in the city of Olmué which is wonderful. We now have hot water which really actually works well. The best of any hot water system ive ever had in the mission.Our house only has 2 rooms. One for sleeping and the other for....other stuff. Oh and the bathroom. So a bedroom and bathroom and a living room. We eat what we buy we just cant cook stuff unless its a microwave thing because we dont have a stove or an oven. We have a fridge so thats nice. Not having a kitchen doesnt really bother me, plus they are going to build one soon. 

Funny thing happened on monday when we moved in. Well first the water wasn't working so we had to fix that, the owners were there helping us with some tech guy. Anyways, so after we did that and they left i started getting ready to go out and work. I began to iron my shirt and everything when i put the iron down to turn my shirt over to the other side. I accidentally touched my arm to the metal part of the iron and was shocked. Now were not talking a little shock people were talking like volts going through my body into the ground. I kind of made this weird scream noise and fell to the ground (kind of, i mean i caught myself) It was pretty crazy i mean i could really feel the whole current go through my arm, my torso, my leg, and then go out into the ground. Anyways turns out our electricity isn't grounded in our house hahaha, and i had the current from the wires go through my body. Anyways i was confused what was going on, if the problem was with me or the iron or the house. So what did we do to figure it out!? we had Elder M touch the iron! now Elder M wasn't shocked we soon realized because he was wearing his rubber sandals (there’s the physics lesson for ya) anyways so thats when i realized that it was probably something with the house. Anyways long story short we told the owners they felt bad and told me i could have died lol, and then the company came to fix it. good stuff add that one to the mission story book.

Sam the District Leader

I love teaching in distrcit meetings. I try to make it a spiritual experince everytime. I like to teach them the doctrine, not little tricks that we can do as missionaries to teach this thing or that thing better. Being a DL there isint quite as much pressure. My ZLs litteraly leave me alone and dont call me much which i think is a bad call. My district did the best in the zone this last week which made me happy. Means were doing something right. 

Sam the trainer

Elder M is golden. He will be assistant someday he just needs to be a little more.....forceful. He doesn't push the issue or stand for his side. Thats good but ya need some of that in the mission.

I make sure to tell him hes doing good a lot. I also try to teach him about both being a missionary, and what the mission is like and how it works. 

Sam the Son

Im starting to miss my family, dont really know why. It started a lot last night and hasn't really gone away. I think im just tired. It doesn't effect my work but it does make me think about home. I think ive just been reminded this week of funny things that happened before i left, for example. At lunch one yesterday one of the members was cutting a water melon which made me think of that funny time when we smelt a horrible smell in the kitchen and mom lifted up the watermelon that was sitting there to wipe the counter and the water melon like exploded on her, the counter, and the floor. I just remember the surprised ohhh sound that mom always makes when things like that happens. We fasted a lot this week and i always get home sick when i fast. I usually think a lot about family and food, its kind of funny actually.

Sam the missionary

Im worrying about baptising. Ya just never know where its gonna come from and there is always so much pressure to baptise ( especailly when Satan comes in and starts saying things like “Hey Elder Cropper you need to baptise a lot here so that president thinks your a good missionary.”. ugh how annoying) The trick is to not think like that. anyways we had 5 people come to sacrament meeting one has a date for baptism. but she is moving to bolivia this week. So we will see.   

Sam the son of God

We had a cool zone activity today. Our ZLs organized with a member of the stake presidency who is like a motivational speaker to give us a training session. It was actually pretty good. It helped me remember my potential as a son of god, and that challenges in the mission are such small issues. He made a cool comment about faith. We all thought faith was walking in the dark towards the light in the distance at the end of the tunnel. But faith really is walking in the dark tunnel without seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but hoping that it will be there. I feel that way about missionary work. Theres not light at the end of the tunnel, we just keep working hard until boom, one day at the right moment and the right time you find someone, or in other words you arrive at the end of the tunnel and the light really was there. 

Those are my thoughts for this week. Hope you all have a good week.

Mom- how did grandma’s surgery go? Tell her i got her letters and the comic was the best one ive received yet. I also got your letter about the fox song thing you sent to me. 

Dad- Enjoy the olympics! I make the goal then to be the best district in the mission and best district leader. The game with the letters wasn't MY game it was just a game we played at an FHE, it was a members idea and he actually shared the lesson, we were just there and participated. Crazy how busy your life is, dont know how ya do it.

Love ya,

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