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Elder Cropper - February 3, 2014

Hello family! Hows it going, im doing very well thank you. Thanks for all the birthday happiness, joy, and fun wishes that you sent. It was a pretty, normal, but still fun day. 

So updates.

I am now serving in the area of Olmué, Chile. I serve in the Zone of Villa Alemana (if you remember i started my mission in Villa Alemana East zone) Well now im in the zone right next to it. 

So if a missionary who knows nothing specific about Chile opens up his letter and it says he is going there he probably thinks of dirt floors, no cars, no hot water, no stores, in the middle of nowhere, with a ton of scorpians and deadly spiders every whwere right. Well i will shoot that down right now because Chile is nothing like that.


My sector here in Olmué is everything like that haha. I live in a house 30 min walking from where the town is that we work, its in the middle of nowhere. My first night a killed 3 scorpions of all different shapes and sizes. I also killed like 5 spiders one of them im sure being the deadly Chilean Rincon which if it bites you will kill you in 2 hours. Our neighbor said it was a Rincon so thats how i know. We have no kitchen so i cant cook, and we have no hot water, so i shower every morning with the other type. Usually we have cats in our house ever time we wake up which is always fun. I haven't seen any more scorpions but when we come home every nigt before we plan we usually make a round killing a few spiders. it is like seriously the most crazy experience i have ever had, and i thought living in the BYU idaho dorms was hard because they didn't open the cafeteria on Sundays.

Anyways long story short family we have actually moved to a new house, we moved today actually. Our new house is in the center of the town, has hot water ( we will see), still no kitchen but ahh whatever. and best of all no spiders or scorpions so i wont die in my sleep now lol.

My companion is Elder M from Salt Lake City, Utah. He’s from Sandy. He has a twin brother (identical) who is serving his mission in Toronto Canada speaking Spanish, and a sister who is serving in Arequipa peru. He is 18 and a half basically, and just a ball of enthusiasm. He took Spanish for 5 years before his mission so he speaks pretty well, but we still work on some things. he has one month in the mission so i am training him. I am also the DL which is always an added challenge. My Zone leaders are Elder N  and Elder. Elder N was one of my DLs when i was a ZL so we kind of flipped flopped. The nice thing about having been a ZL before and having my ZLs already know it is that they leave me alone and have a lot of trust in me because they know i know how it is and what im doing. I like having that trust. 

I was not very disappointed when the assistants called to make me a DL and a trainer. I had prayed that God would do with me what he wanted, what would be best. So i said to myself, “well changes are done with inspiration so if this is where God wants me how am i going to complain about that.” Like mom said, or maybe it was dad i just decided to be a great DL. Actually the goal i set was to be the DL that i always wanted as a ZL. I didn't want to set the goal of being the best DL in the mission because i feel thats a little cocky. I mean the scriptures do say. 

 And whosoever awill be chief among you, let him be yourbservant:

So i gather from that that, yeah, i can try to be the best, but to be the best you just gotta serve and think about others. So thats my goal serve the district, try to baptise, work hard, train Elder M well, and work hard some more, oh and make my new little house that we have an awesome place to live. i always like doing that. I would however like to know why president moved me. if i need to like focus on anything. But i have a feeling that if i ask him he will say something i don't want to hear, or more likely say, “i don't know Elder Cropper i just felt like i needed too.”

I felt happy yesterday because Elder N, the ZL called me asking me for good news in the District because the other 2 districts didnt have anything this week, specifically, they didn't have baptismal dates. Well our district had 2 so i gave him the good news for that. I felt good making him feel better.

This last week has been a little crazy because we’ve lost a lot of time walking to our pension and also taking care of pension issues. But now we are in the new house and we can really start things going. 

WIth Elder M I usually just help him with his way he teaches and explains. He speaks well and everything so now the only thing he needs help with is fine tuning his teaching and contacts. 

Elder M’s old companion was one of the ZL’s that I have now. This is the second time i am replacing this missionary in a sector (the last time was with Elder H when i went to Viña del Mar to be a district leader) Elder H had been taught some things wrong, and Elder M as well. Only a few thought nothing tooooooooooo bad. But its ok because we are all settled out. Made me loose trust a little in my ZL though. But just got to get over that one, he doesn't need a district leader who doesn't have trust in him he needs a district leader who will work hard and follow his council.

I wasn't the only interesting change in position in the mission. President changed one of his assistants out of nowhere. Elder W is now just a normal missionary, and Elder R is the new assistant (he was the old ZL in this zone) Maybe thats why i got sent here was to help Elder N who only has one transfer cycle as a Zone leader and Elder H who is totally a new zone leader. Elder W got sent to open an old sector by himself. President gave him 500 dollars and a mini missionary and he went and opened it again. lol super crazy. Just shows you that the work is more important then the leadership.

So i feel pretty old being 21 which is different. Im an old man lol. I can now drink which is like a huge blessing because ive been waiting for years to do that legally. Thought id start here in the mission.

We had a FHE with some members last night and they threw me a little party for my birthday so that was really nice, i spent my birthday well.

By the way mom and Dad just like mary i as well loved those little heart things you guys sent. In my opinion they look exacly like you guys and they really just make me smile every time i see them on my desk, thanks for that.

We played a game yesterday at the FHE, well it wasn't really a game more of a thing to go with the lesson. We had to imagine that we were having this awesome day in the mountains with our family, and we find a cool cave or something that we want to explore. Well we go in and the cave starts to collapse and not all of us get out. Actually everyone except one person in your family. Our assignment was to write a short note to that person which we would then slip through a crack underneath the rocks as like a last goodbye (because supposedly the person was gonna die) Well-- I for one, i hate things like that, but i did it anyways. I thought it was interesting how almost everyone choose someone who was with them being their friend not someone in their family, and almost none of them wrote about the gospel. only things like we are going to try to save you, i love you, you lived a good live. Some wrote things about trusting in Christ and things like that, but very few wrote about the celestial kingdom and the plan of salvation and things like that. anyways I choose that It was Dad who had gotten left behind (dont know why) and I thought i would share the note i wrote.


I love you. Thanks for always being such a great father and working so hard. Look at your family and all of your children who are active in the gospel, I think that shows your dedication as a father. We will see each other again in the celestial kingdom where we will live as a family for time and all eternity. Good job dad, you did everything right. 

Love your son,


well I got a little teary writing that. Anyways the point of the FHE was that we needed to be more grateful to our family members and tell them that we love them more because we never know what could happen.

So that being said I wasn't to tell you all that I love each and everyone one of you. Thank you for all of your letters that you send me everyweek and all of the prayers that I know are said for me. 

anyways thats my letter ill talk to yo guys next week.


Elder Cropper

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