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Elder Cropper - January 21, 2014

Well hello my dearest family. I think i spelled dearest wrong, if only i had spellcheck to spellcheck that.

Well good week, lots of...emotion. 

We had interviews with the president yesterday. I was more nervous for my interview than......a nervous person. anyways, i said like 2 prayers asking for my interview to go well and for president not to say mean things to me haha. And my pray was answered. 

I talked with president about 3 things.

first thing, How can i avoid the wave that i see in my mission.

To explain what that means i feel a surge of excitement one day, that day and most likely for 3 more days im like as obedient as......and obedient person lol. But then as a companionship we mess up, we do something wrong and we start to fall. We continue to fall until we get to rock bottom, having reached rock bottom we feel bad, repent and start to climb again. Repeat cycle next week.

So i asked "president, how can i avoid this thing.” 

He laughed and then said to me and i quote “Elder Cropper welcome to life. “Anyways he's got a point. He told me that what i struggle with is normal. He said if there was someone in the world that had the answer of how not to go up and down in emotions, he said that person would be amazing.

the second thing i asked him was how could i do better avoiding temptation. 

He told me I need to study more. What happened was sometimes we need to schedule lesson for the hours of study time because the people cant meet with us any other time. Well after finishing the lesson we have then already passed the hours of study so we just go out and work. We had applied this rule in any situation that conflicted with study time. He told me that we always needed to come back and study (knew it) he said i just needed to keep going. He quoted 1 Cor 10:13 which is a great scripture. 

The last thing was i expressed my feelings of feeling that he is mad or disappointed with me. 

He said he wasn't at all and that It was probably some subconscious thing telling me i was mad or disappointed with myself (i agree)

I told him i wanted to be a good missionary to which he responded “but Elder Cropper you are a good missionary.” He said i was doing the things right but needed to just keep going. And then he told me he loved me and gave me a hug--so good interview. It was funny because during the part when we talked about temptation he asked me what he could do to help me. I told him. I wanted God to come down from heaven and tell me that my sins had been forgiven haha. He laughed and said that wouldn't be possible but obviously with the sacrament every week we can receive that answer.

 he gave such simple answers which was the part that surprised me. He just gave the answers i had already known. 

anyways great interview, saw president how i needed to seem him, loved that he told me i was doing the right things but that i just needed to endure to the end.

Afterwords we had interchanges with the assistants. Now interchanges with assistants are difficult sometimes because every single Zl knows that the assistants are there to just correct you and tell you what you are doing wrong. So its not something I really look forward to. The assistants actually stayed the night in our apartment for 2 nights. All they would talk about was being an assistant or correcting people. I think there was a lot of pride going around on all sides us and the assistants. It gets more difficult to listen to what the assistants have to say when they literally have almost the same time as you. but they are the leaders and they have a hard job but someone’s gotta do it so we support them. I only clashed a little in the end with something Elder W told me which i really didn't like. He said us, “Guys i remember when La Serena was like the best zone in the mission, when everyone wanted to go there to serve. I think we need to bring La Serena back to where it was a year and a half ago........ughhhhhhh.”

I told Elder W that had always been my goal and i felt that we had been making great improvement in becoming what we used to be a year and a half ago. I think Elder W realized he had offended me but it was like “Uh Duh, Elder you basically just told me that all the things I’ve tried to do these last 6 months have all sucked and we need to throw it all out. Why does president tell me im doing everything great Elder W and then you tell Elder H and I that we need to be better in this, this, this, this, and this.” It was worse when Elder S the other assistant met up with us after having done an interchange with one of our district leaders and his companion. He told us that he had cut them in a bunch of stuff that they were doing long. I just don't get it--why do you delight in cutting people? This is a missionary who wants to do what is right and is trying, you do not cut him you correct him. Sorry that should take some explaining. Many missionaries use the word to cut in spanish in place of to correct. Cortar no correjir. anyways we don't cut people, we correct them with love when the spirit tells us to. DC 121 vs 43. these are not wicked sons of men they are missionaries of god. 

ugh sheesh

Anyways cool stories of the week

Were gonna baptise again!

this was a miracle. we have an investigator named sofia, her sister got baptised in october by Elder L and I. Well sofia has wanted to get baptised for a long time but hasn't had permission from her mother. Well we decided to make a second push for the permision and the mom gave it, 180 degree flip people it was awesome--i was soo stoked. 

other cool story is that we found a family. It was a reference from Ovalle (other zone of missionaries) it was actually from a  member. We have taught them twice and will teach them again today. Their names are Jose (Joseph) and Luz (light). They have been married a year and found each other on the internet. Jose works for the government and Luz is from Colombia. Anyways they both came to church the last week which was awesome. I realized that members like to make friends with families more than individual people. Other times we have had single members assist and get baptised but the members didn’t do much, but with a family it changes. Anyways super happy with those to miracles this week. President asked us to start praying to find families. The motto of our mission is "to convert families" Well i didn’t really do that before i just prayed to find new investigators, but i finally humbled myself and started doing it and bam got a family. pretty cool.

Well that was my week. By the way thats for being pactient with the letter. We changed our pday from monday to tuesday because of interviews. I forgot to let you guys know. 

Love ya all hope you have a great week.

Elder Cropper

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