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Elder Cropper - January 27, 2014

Whats up!!! pretty crazy week, well every week is crazy--i mean--its the mish we’re talking about here people--i mean come on!


The state of chile is a little interesting right now. There are issues with Chile and Peru (the border) a world organization called in Spanish La Haya i think it would probably just be HAYA in english (they are holding the conference in orlando) will decide to whom the land goes. I haven’t seen very much of the news but its like 70 km of land with sea. If it stays with chile they say everything will be fine but if it goes to Peru then the people here say chile will go to war. The Chilean navy and army are all stationed where the ......front? oh border is so we will see what happens. Today is the announcement for who wins. 

Its pretty hot here but I’m used to it. Lots of tourists here from Argentina and other parts of Chile. La Serena is one of the most touristy places in South America and Chile. 


Some crazy things happened yesterday. It all started last Thursday in lunch when one of the ZLs in the other zone in La Serena called me to ask if I could go to the bus terminal to pick up two tickets (the bus terminal is very close to where we work) it turns out that the secretary of the mission called Elder B and told him he needed to go get two tickets which were in the bus terminal. Elder B thinking it would faster if i went because their zone is super far from the bus terminal called me to have me do it. Well this was wrong because president told him to do it. So I told Elder B to stop being stupid (not really), and to go get the tickets himself like president wanted. Anyways he went and did that. They told us the tickets (or bus to which the tickets applied) was scheduled to leave sunday night. This meant to missionaries were leaving for the south that night.

Anyways so this knowledge just kind of stewed between us for a couple of days until sunday night when we received a call from president. I couldn't answer it right then so i called him back, didn't answer me but i then received a call from Elder B wanting to coordinate having us go to the bus terminal in the night to pick up a missionary whose companion was going home that night. He told me that the plan was that the companionless missionary from their zone (because his companion would be suddenly going home that night) would then stay with the soon to be companionless missionary in our zone whose companion was also going home that night. 

Now this surprised Elder H and i--like what! someone from our zone is getting sent home... I tried calling president back again but he didn't answer so i called Elder B back and asked him if president had said to him if a missionary from our zone was also going home. He said “wellllll no he just said the second ticket applied to another missionary from La Serena but in the other zone” (insert eye roles, ugh Elder B running his mouth and getting caught up in situations) Anyways so we went for the rest of our day until president called us again but Elder H didn't leave the room fast enough (we were in a lesson) to answer it so we continued to play phone tag with the president. I really didn't get it--he would call us and then we would call right back and he wouldn't answer. anyways--It was funny because we then decided that the elder who was getting sent home was Peruvian and that Elder P, from our zone, was getting sent home too because Peru was going to go to war with Chile. Haha--not true but it was a good guess.

While in another lesson the assistants called us, once again Elder H left. The assistants only wanted to know about the zone numbers but Elder H  asked about why president was calling. They told us that a missionary from our zone was being sent to Viña. Well the keyword was missionary but they used it in the feminine form in Spanish so we then were notified that it was a sister in our zone. Elder H drew is own conclusions that she was getting sent home because he had heard from the assistants that she had left her interview with president crying. Anyways whatever. we continued calling president but he never answered, so the assistants just told us what president wanted to tell us in the first place, that a specific sister in our zone would be going to Viña so we needed to organize a ride for her and be there to see her off stuff like that. So i spent an hour doing that last night which was just a hassle. The companion of the sister who was leaving needed to stay with the other sister missionaries who then thought i was joking when i told them that we would pass by in the night to drop off the sister so she could stay with them a couple days. In the end everything worked out. It was just annoying to have to coordinate with president (who in the end called us and just basically cut us for i don't even know what, i just know i hung up the phone after and just felt bad hahaha), and the assistants. It was like the assistants wanted to do this, the sister had already coordinated a ride but it was a plan that didn't follow the instructions of the assistants. It was just a big ball of blahh. To many people flapping their mouths and too many rumors going around. Im getting tired of telling this story so ill just tell you what i learned.

It was cool because it was my first time (in a church situation) where i had been given confidential information and i needed to fix and organize a situation but couldn't tell people why or break confidence. Now im not a very good secret keeper--i mean--i talk with everyone about everything, well not totally, but you got me; so it was cool to have that experience and need to keep confidence. In the end i think i did ok. at least the assistants said i handled the situation wonderfully. Writing about it doesn't make me feel like it was that big of a situation, but on the phone last night while i was coordinating things for an hour it did. 

the zone ended the month ok. we ended with 3 baptisms, 4 others fell through. One zone baptized 16 people this month--what an amazing thing-- thats like an active whole relief society right there. The northern half of the mission 5 zones didn't do very well in baptisms compared to the southern half of the zone. I don't really know why. Always interesting to see things like that. 


We had a baptism!!!!!!!!!!!

That brings the big number to 11 which makes me super happy because that means im right on track for my goal of a baptism every month. 11 months (hit that mark today) and 11 baptisms. This week is change week so it always affects the work a little all because of the attitude. I would be fine to stay but id like to go. I would at least like a new comp. Elder H is good but he has changing obedience and is a little hard to deal with. Kind of a snotty little brat some times just with his attitude. Thinks he’s always right and doesn't say anything when he’s wrong (i really struggle with that, if your wrong you gotta say it). Anyways, so i think its time for Elder Cropper to leave La Serena. Love the city, love the ward, and the members but im ready to test the waters elsewhere. Its nice to start somewhere new because you can make new first impressions and stuff like that. I don't really care if i go as a leader or not. Not something that really bothers me right now. 

I was a little bummed because that family we found couldn't come to church this last week but i don't see the need to write more about them to you guys because i might be gone from this area in 2 days. 

Elder Cropper: Feelings

I feel good. Ready to leave my sector if i need to, more ready to change companions. A little tired maybe because we had to get up at 2 in the morning to take missionaries to the bus terminal. We went and ate pizza at Pizza Hut with the other Elders in our ward today so that was fun. I think we will go home after computers and ill take a nap. I think focusing on the mission more and not my responsibilities helps me feel more happy. I like being happier.

Dad: Thank you for your advice once again it was wonderful and something that i will focus on this week. Being virtious gives you power. It says in the scriptures that those who are pure of heart see god. Pure of heart with more study leads you to the word virtue. The pure in heart have the power of god. i would like to be more pure in heart. It also says in the scriptures that whoever would like to be the greatest among us will be our servent, so thats where charity comes in. I will be sure to focus on these things this week. 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! how old are ya 22, 23 24. Actually i hate jokes like that i think people should be proud of their age no matter what it is. I always liked that you were proud of your age and well as to my knowledge didn't mind telling people. anyways i hope you have a great birthday tomorrow. ill be sure to give a great big hug to Elder H in your name yuck yuck hardyharharhar

Love your new way to organize your letters by the way. That was a deep thought about the sacrament and how we need to take it every week. Makes no sense that the Catholics then only take it once a year. Crazies.  I think your a wonderful person too. 

Mary: Keep on trekkin capn kirk hahahaha. 

Anne and Michael: read your scriptures and say your prayers every night as a family. If your already doing that good job if not, repent, be baptized, and do it hahaha

Well my time as come to a close. hope you all have a smashing week. 

I Love you guys,
Elder Cropper

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