Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sister Cropper - February 10, 2014

Hello family! Thank you for all of the lovely letters. 

This last week was really good. We had a really good week and we got a lot done. We found a lot of people that were interested and that are golden. We had three people at church yesterday! We will have three baptisms probably this next week so that will be really good. Our investigators really liked church which makes me happy. 

So the meaning of the subject line is from this last week when we were working! So something funny about Brasil is that there are always random horses walking around in the towns. Especially where we live. So there was this one horse eating grass in front of this house and this little boy was outside yelling, get out of here horse! I thought it was really funny and something unique to Brasil. 

So this week I focused a lot on listening to the spirit. One thing that has been hard for me is to start lessons sometimes. I ask people questions to get to know them better but I get nervous knowing if I should teach the first lesson, sabbath day, third or second lesson. My companion told me that she felt that I wasn´t listening to the spirit. So that is something I really focused on this last week and it was a lot better. We taught in more unity and people were more receptive. I am grateful for Sister A because she helps me realize things that I don´t. Sometimes it is hard for me to hear but I drink a glass of humility and learn! So we taught a lot better this week and I could feel the spirit guiding us in how we were to teach. 

I am super excited for this next week because it will be really good and we have a lot of people we need to visit and teach! 

Dad- Good luck this week and I hope that all goes well and you enjoy the olympics! 

Mom- Good luck on your thesis! You can do it! 

Anne- Thanks for the letter! I love hearing about your lives! 

Everyone! I love you all and I hope your week will be great! 

Sister Cropper (Sorry this letter is really short!) 

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