Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sister Cropper - February 3, 2014

Hello family! AH I am 21! Em portuguese- Tenho 21 anos! 

So hello all. I had a good birthday yesterday! I saw Sister Collins and she gave me a big hug and some chocolate and your package mom! Ma I loved all the stuff. I really like the skirts and the dress is really cute. I actually haven´t tried the stuff on yet but I will. I am wearing the shirt right now and I really like. It is super cute. So my birthday was good. The other sisters in my district made me a cake! My companion was a brat and didn´t say happy birthday to me until last night after we said our last prayer before bed. She told me saturday she wasn´t going to do anything for my birthday. Fine with me you brat face I don´t want anything from you anyways! Haha I wish I could´ve said that but I can´t. 

So yeah, Brother Collins took a video of Sister Collins and I talking. It is really boring sorry but it is cool because you can see us talking in portuguese. Also I gave a little message to you guys on the video but it is really nothing special. It was neat to see them and it is was really nice because she gave me a little present.

Ma, love the jewelry you sent as well and Dad thank you so much for the chocolate! Also I finally got the package with the shoes and the chirstmas package! We had a mission conference again this last week and I got 4 packages and a letter from Mom. Holy Cow!! Thank you co much! It was great to get the stuff. And mom, I love the little hearts, I have them with me right now!

So this last week was good. We had an activity last thursday and it was really good! It was a night of tortes and everyone was suppose to bring a torte and we had a competition. We had a lot of members and non-members there and we shared a message about prophets. It went really well and we got some references from it as well. 

Sister A and I found some really prepared people this last week. Especially Saturday and yesterday. It was frustrating because we dind´t have anyone at church but we will have faith this week adn try for a baptism. 

It is neat when we are trying to find people and how much faith you have to exercise and listening to the Spirit. So we were knocking on doors yesterday and my companion asked specifically in our prayer that we would have lessons with people that are elect and prepared. So that is what happened. We were walking and I saw a house and felt we should knock there. A woman came to the window and I asked if we could share a message. She didn´t say anything but put her hand up to say wait but she didn´t look interested. Well she came out and said yes! And it was great. We learned that her son died a year ago and so we shared the second lesson. It was really good. 

So yeah, things are good. I am happy. I still have troubles with my companion sometimes but I really am not letting the little things get to me. I am learning a lot more patience and love and kind thoughts. Sometimes she is rude but I just don´t let her rudeness get to me. I remember that in the final judgement God will be the judge and will deal with her. 

Family! Thank you so much for the happy birthdays and the packages and love! I am so grateful for all of you and I am thankful for the prayers! I am so grateful I decided to go on a mission. I can´t believe I am on the later end of my mission. It has flown by but I am grateful I chose to go on a mission. I miss you family, especially during this time of mom´s birthday and our birthdays but I love you all very much! 

Have a great week! 

Sister Cropper 

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