Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sister Cropper - March 17, 2014

Dear Family: 
So this week´s subject is in honor of my last companion, she has the nickname Le Chaton right now. Le Chaton is just this little boutique that my companion and I saw walking one day and decided to say it when something is annoying. Chato in portuguese means annoying. So anyways, congratulations to Sister A for winning a wonderful nickname! Why?!?!?!?!!? Because this last thursday Sister Le Chaton went to visit Silmara. She went with her companion to visit my pesquisador in my area. She broke several rules because Sister Le Chaton is Sister Le Chaton and thinks she can do whatever she wants. I had called Silmara last friday to talk with her and she told me the news. I immediately called my DL to do a conference call with the companion of Le Chaton but they didn´t answer so I went and told my DL all that happened. Let´s just say all is well and they know they broke SEVERAL rules. 

But Silmara is a lot better and she is a lot happier thanks to my mission president who gave the advice and the member in my stake who helped us a lot! Silmara was confirmed yesterday and she is a lot better now. 

The little girl who was baptized yesterday, her step dad has already been married and he just doesn´t want to get married again. He is a drunk pretty much all the time as well and so I know her mother doesn´t really want to stay with him anyways. It is all very sad but happy because now this little girl will show the example for her family. 

It is cool because Sister Le Chaton and I helped active a young guy from this same family, his name is Denis. Yesterday, he received his mission call and is going to serve in Brasil Natal mission! He leaves the first of May. It was really neat to see him come back to church, decide to go on a mission, and now he received his mission call. He also baptized the little girl, Heloise, yesterday. 

Douglas went to church again so this week we are going to work hard to baptize him this next Sunday!! He really liked church a lot and he is just a good guy so I have faith he will be baptized. 

SO we had a neat experience yesterday with another recent convert. Her name is Dilce and I don´t know if you guys remember her or not. We went and visited her because she wasn´t at church. She explained that she had worked until 3 in the morning and was just pooped out so she stayed home. she is 63 and still works everyday from 8-6. These past 4 weeks have been really hard because of her son who was also baptized. He has just gone down hill and doesn´t want to follow God or go to church. He is really using a lot of drugs and lost his job. He has started selling all of his stuff to buy more drugs and it is just a big problem!!! So Dilce has been really sad and plus because her son lost his job, he can´t help pay for all of the expenses. So we have been helping her a lot and she is just an amazing example to me. During this really hard time so didn´t forget God. She was always praying, always searching the scriptures and exercising her faith in God. Now things are a little bit better but not completely, but that doesn´t matter because she is happy. Why? Because she knows that God will bring her out of her troubles. She says she always prays because she does something and because of that, God shows her what she needs to do. It was interesting to see her life and compare it with Silmara who didn´t have as much faith. Dilce has always recognized the little tender mercies in her life but Silmara never has. That is the problem. Silmara didn´t put her trust in God. She only had a little faith. But that faith really did carry her still but compared to Dilce, during the hardest times, Dilce was a lot more patient, happier, and had more peace. 
My companion and I were talking about this yesterday and it was just amazing to see what we learned because of the people we were teaching. Very neat. 

Well fam, I hope you all have a great week! Only two weeks left of this transfer. It is crazy, I only have 4 transfers left- this week is my one year mark! 

Mom- I can´t think of anything right now that I need or want. I can buy what I need or want here so don´t worry!! There was something that I thought of but now I don´t remember. What I do want though is letters. I love getting letters in the mail! It makes me happy and I don´t mind reading letters 3 months behind because it is still letters from my fam! That is super neat about Germany and I am jealous you guys are there without me!! I am sleeping well and eating well também. I can´t believe you pulled an all-nighter! Haha that is funny! 

Dad- That is so neat you got to visit all those places in Germany and Holland! How neat to visit old places where you served. I will definitely write the address of where I am living. And yes, I am writing in my journal everyday. I hope you guys stay safe and have a good trip back home! 

Anne- That is so neat about Jane! I knew my niece would be perfect and she is!! Please send a picture of her!!!!! That is an interesting story, what a cool lesson you learned! And that is just stupid about vaccines, people are dumb sometimes. I do not miss facebook, that is for sure. 

Michael- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope your day was magical and bright!!! I hope everything works out with the job and that you guys will here soon so you can look for houses! 

Elder Cropper- Rock it cara! I hope transfers were good and stuff! 

Love you all, 

Sister Cropper 

Elder Cropper - March 17, 2014

Dear Family:
So i wasn't changed. Im still her in Olmué but Elder M left. He actually serves in La Serena now, not in the ward i was in but in a different ward. The ward he's in now is like amazing, strongest ward in Chile so good for him. 

So my companions name is Elder O, he's 18 almost 19 and he's from Mexico. The assistants called me last Wednesday to tell me I’d be training again but this time a newbie so Elder O is fresh from the MTC. He served in the MTC in Chile, Santiago just like all the missionaries now who serve in Chile (even the Americans) and now he's here with me. He is veryyyyyyyy excited. All the time excitement. Makes me laugh sometimes its like “wohhhhh slow down cowboy.” I remember when it was 8:30 our first day together. at 8:30 we start personal study and he wasn’t quite ready. So he was in the bathroom shaving like a maniac and gelling his hair and everything. I came in to tell him that it was 8:30 and we needed to start he freaked out and started going even faster. I told him though it was ok and he could finish getting ready after studies. haha i thought it was pretty cute (for lack of a better word) how he is so excited all the time.

Elder O has only been a member for 13 months so he needs to be trained as a missionary and trained in some gospel things. For example he didn't know what priesthood keys were. It’s like truly training someone from scratch I mean since Dad and Michael had served missions and I had served 3 mini missions I knew a little what it was going to be like. Elder O knows nothing. Only his little branch in the small town of 1,000 people where he lives in Mexico. Elder O is also the only member in his family. He has his 2 parents and a little sister who's like 16. I think Elder O is pretty well off. His parents are paying for his mission and all the things he has are pretty nice quality and stuff. He likes to dress like really trendy, not what i was expecting from a companion from Mexico. ANyways cool stuff. 

Well were going to baptize in 2 weeks. His name is Enso and he was a reference from a member. He's really changing his life and its really something to be apart of it. Like everyone ive ever helped get baptized no convincing needed. Sure he has his issues like word of wisdom and such but he has the desire to stop. Alma 32:27 desire is key people. 

So my goal in my mission now is just to be an awesome teacher and really know the scriptures. The key to that is studies. So ive been doing my studies in chapter 2 of preach my to study? I’m really liking it and learning a lot. I feel really good right now which is awesome. I think it took me awhile but something finally just clicked this last transfer cycle that the only way i was going to be happy in my mission was being obedient and being worthy, like striving everyday to feel the spirit. No getting caught up in other silly mission stuff. Anyways ive been really focusing on making this scripture my desire.  Querer es want is to be able to. anyways Alma 29:1 

 “1 O that I were an angel, and could have the wish of mine heart, that I might go forth and speak with the atrump of God, with a voice to shake the earth, and cry repentance unto every people!”

Cool stuff. 

I was reading today in the D of the C, some cool scriptures of what we get if we have the spirit read and partake!

 12 And now, verily, verily, I say unto thee, put your atrust in thatbSpirit which cleadeth to do dgood—yea, to do ejustly, to walk fhumbly, to gjudge righteously; and this is my Spirit.
 13 Verily, verily, I say unto you, I will impart unto you of my Spirit, which shall aenlighten your bmind, which shall fill your soul with cjoy;
 14 And then shall ye know, or by this shall you know, all things whatsoever you desire of me, which are pertaining unto things of arighteousness, in faith believing in me that you shall receive.

we get all of that stuff if we just have the spirit, and have faith like it says at the bottom. 

So invitation (is that how you spell that word)? Invitación works better. Well anyways its that you guys focus on having the spirit everyday why...because if we do we will be humble, joyful, do whats right, judge righteously, minds enlightened, and all things pertaining to righteousness will be shown unto us.

cool stuff.

Mary: keep on keepin on. And don't get trunky...or chueco. (disobdient or lazy, it actually means bent in Spanish)

Well thanks for the letters love you all hope you have a good week. By the way!

I heard from a new missionary on an interchange that a bunch of cool new movies have come Enders Game, and a new superman, and some movie about missionaries...where are the reviews family. did you not go see them. If not shame on all of you. 

Elder Cropper 
(freezing his patuty off here in Olmué chile) 

Nos vemos

"I like to eat Jesus' little bread." Sister Cropper - March 10, 2014

Dear Family
Okay so this week the quote is from this little boy we were talking with. One day it was raining and we didn´t have our umbrellas so we were hanging out under this big tree when this woman invited us into her house (she wasn´t interested but she was nice!) and we were talking with her grandson. He is three and we asked him if he liked going to church. He said yes and I asked him why! He responded that he liked eating the little bread of Jesus. This is what it is in portuguese: eu gosto de comer o pãozinho de Jesus! I think it is funnier in portuguese!  

So the last five days were pretty good. We found this woman last week when we were knocking doors. She first said she had a church and didn´t live there as well. She was taking care of a woman that is 104 years old!!! So I asked her to ask the old woman if she wanted us to pray with her. This woman - her name is Jussara - went in and the old lady said yes! So we went in and began to talk to Jussara. It turned out that she has been driven away from her church for a month because she doesn´t agree with the doutrina. Plus her husband died 4 years ago and wasn´t able to find a good response to where he was or how she can live with him again. So we jumped right on it and taught the second lesson! The spirit was really strong and she told us at the end that she had been praying to God to know what church she needed to go and what direction in her life she needed to take! WOAH It was really neat because it is interesting how the Spirit works. Usually when a person doesn´t want a message and says they have a religion, we say thanks and move on to the next door but when we were talking with her, the question about asking the old woman if she wanted us to pray with her just came out of my mouth. Plus I have already knocked on that door several times. The only problem is is that she doesn´t live in our area!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus she wasn´t at church Sunday. That is the one thing I hate about my area, it is the central part of the city and a lot of people we find don´t live here. But we will continue on and find more of the elect. but I didn´t want to leave this woman without a knowledge of knowing she could be with her husband forever. 

Anyways, so we had people at church this last Sunday. One of our investigator´s name is Douglas!!!! I told him that he has your name, Dad. We found Douglas last Sunday doing contacts on the street. He is 27. He liked church a lot and we will continue to teach and baptize him the next Sunday. We have a baptism this Sunday for a girl that is the daughter of an investigator. The pesquisador can´t be baptized because her husband doesn´t want to get married but the daughter will so we will have that this sunday. 

We are focusing on finding this week. We have gotten some references from people in our ward and the people we have baptized  so we are going to try to contact them this week. It will be a good week. 

Silmara is still really sad and it was frustrating because she wasn´t answering her frickin´phone this last week!!!! She refused to answer our calls!!!! She didn´t come to church last sunday but I had written to President about Silmara and he called us last week to talk about her. The stake president´s wife here is a psychologist and so he told us to have Silmara talk with her. We brought her over yesterday to Silmara´s house and it was perfect. They are going to talk later this week and it is perfect because I know she will help her mentally and spiritually. 

So yeah, things are good. Just continuing on and learning new things every day. I know I can still improve and I pray almost every day that Heavenly Father will help me become the missionary that I can be!!! Especially because i only have 10 days until my one year- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. 

 And about Carnival. It was way crazy in Rio de Janeiro than here in Parana. Ponta Grossa is a very tranquil place. Nothing, literally nothing, happened. There were just more drunk people on the street. What will be absolutely crazy is the Fifa world cup because it is here in Brasil and especially in Curitiba. EVerything will be shut down for a month. Nobody will work and if Brasil doesn´t win (and the usa does well) it will be very crazy! And if brasil wins, it will be really crazy! 

Sam- Keep rockin´ it dude. I hope transfers went well for you!!! 


Sister Cropper

"I Am Taking My Clothes Off" : Elder Cropper - March 10, 2014

Dear Family:
So this weeks quote comes from Sister B the sister Training leader who's in my district. I called them last night to get their numbers, she answered and asked me to wait for a second because she was taking off her clothes! I was like WHAT!!!!!!! Her companion started laughing in the background and thats when she clarified that she was taking her clothes of the clothes line, they were drying. Sister B doesn't speak Spanish very well sometimes so she often mixes her words. We had a pretty good laugh about it but it sure freaked me out.

I had a pretty good week. Still feel like I’m working better then ever and being a really great missionary but our numbers once again were low. I have been following what Dad said a little about putting more appointments but nobody is there when we go. They aren't appointments with the same people either. The only appointments that have been sticking are appointments with Less actives and Recent Converts. Pretty frustrating. 

So we have changes this Wednesday, I don't know what will happen, i don't really have a feeling either so whatever i guess.

I did a baptismal interview this week for 2 investigators of the sisters. They lacked one important thing to get baptized....they didn't want to get baptized. It wasn't really an interview to see if they were ready it was more of an interview to see if i could say anything to them to convince them. I also wanted to see how they were for myself to better give advice. Typical sister issues, they get way to attached to their investigators which blinds them to who is ready and who isn't--something that I’ve seen a bunch in my mission. The sisters were also focusing on the lesser doubts which were word of wisdom and something else when the doubt really was that they were nervous about getting baptized and then leaving everything afterwards. I gave this good analogy to the wife where i compared marriage to baptism. I asked her if when she got married if she knew from the get-go that everything was going to go just peachy keen, if they were ever going to fight or have issues. She said no. I told her that she didn't think that way but she still got married because she loved the man and had faith everything would work out. I said in baptism we do it because we love the Lord and have faith everything will work out afterwards. Sometimes all we need to do is commit and then we will find that the Challenges we thought we were going to have didn't show up. Anyways, i said lots of thing to her about that but she just kept saying "wells that’s why we want more time" I decided that They cant be pressured and that they aren't ready, haven't been humbled enough. This letter makes it sound like i was harsh on them but i wasn't. Anyways so i felt bad for the sisters. Hermana B has been here for 6 months and hasn't baptized. I think she will leave this Wednesday and its the worst to serve in a sector without baptizing.

We received a reference thats pretty good this last week. Young kid who's name is Enso. He's dating a girl in the ward and he wants to get baptized too. We will start teaching him tomorrow.

The man who owns the fancy resort here hasn't called us back. They had to cancel an english lesson because he was sick or something and we called again and they said we will call you. Well ....we tried. President Kahnlien never came and taught him with us. He told us after that he was too busy and had an interview with a branch president.

Well thats all i got folks. There goes another Pday writing to the family just like that. I only do this like 50 more times out of 104. 

Love ya all,

Elder Cropper
or like the Chilean people say 
Elder Crooper

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sister Cropper - March 5, 2014

"Believe in Me!"

This is something that my companion wrote in my planner last week because she thinks this one elder likes me. So I thought I would include it in the email. 

So this last week wasn´t that great. We had a baptism which was awesome but we didn´t find hardly anyone this last week and we had no investigators at church! 

We had a mission conference on wednesday and we also had an activity in our relief society. So the activity was about making pancakes (american style) so the sisters in our ward couldn´t make so I had to and it took a long time!!! So that day we lost time and then the next day we had a missionary activity and our ward mission leader wasn´t in Ponta Grossa so we had to do everything ourselves and it took time out of our day and then friday we had our interview for our baptism and it took forever and a day for that because our district leader likes to do 2 hour (or longer) interviews with our investigators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus friday the other sisters in our house were really sick, one passed out and then threw up and the other threw up like 9 times so we had to take them to the hospital. So we basically got nothing done last week but we are already working this week and trying to find people. It has been raining here a lot for the past few days. Plus everything is closed today because yesterday was a feriado (holiday). So Sister S and I are pressing on and exercising our fé to find people!!! We will have people at church this sunday! I know it. 

So that is pretty much what happened. Our investigator that got baptised is Silmara. She was happy but it is hard because she has depression. She is just so sad all the time. Actually I am a bit worried because yesterday she was talking about death and I that it is not good that she is talking about those kinds of things. We had read a lot of scriptures with her, conference talks, prayers but she is still unhappy. If you guys have some suggestions I would love to hear something! 

I tried to send some pictures but it takes forever and I didn´t have patience today so I am sorry!! I promise I will send them this next monday!!! 

Me and the new comp are great. I really like her a lot. She is just really nice and normal and we are learning new things TOGETHER. 


Sister Cropper 

Elder Cropper - March 3, 2014

well hello there all.

We had a pretty tough week. We just didn't accomplish anything our numbers were really low. 

We had a pretty chill DL conference thing Friday. I like being with all the missionaries so it was fun. More of my friends are DL’s so it was fun to see them again. Some of them i haven't seen for a year since i was in the MTC. If you want to see some sweet action shots of Elder Cropper in the meeting jut go to that website and click Mas información underneath the photo of Elders smiling. Its the first one.

I decided i need a haircut.


I really liked the meeting because it was a lot more low key then the others. I didn't feel as pressured and I just listened and learned. I learned a lot of things i can do better as a DL. It doesn't matter where you are you can always learn more. I thought it was a little funny because the had originally assigned me to give my testimony in the meeting so i was pondering on the things I could say. Well when it came time for testimonies they didn't call my name and the assistant winked at me. I guess they decided that we've heard enough from Elder Cropper. They usually use those moments though to hear from new elders or hear the testimonies of New district leaders. anyways what ever. I was pretty excited to bear my testimony though.

So I always think its funny do deal with drunk people on the mish. We were fasting Saturday which stinks on the mish because when we fast its for the full 24 hours unlike at home where i got by with 2 meals....or maybe just 1..oops haha. anyways, and in the mission you don't sit down or sleep all day you go walk in the street in the sun. ANyways so we stopped at a house to contact a girl who we had given a book to like 3 weeks ago. Just like everyone else that day she didn't want anything, but her drunk friend did want to serve us so he poured us a big class of pop. I wanted to turn it down because we were fasting but then i felt like we should drink it so we did. I decided that the man was drunk (you could smell it from a mile away) and that he would probably shank us (kill us) if we hadn't accepted. We also passed by an investigator who hasn't been progressing a lot and she had a glass of wine and was smoking when we walked up to shake her hand. I think she was a little embarrassed but who cares, i think were going to drop her lol. 

We've been watching the District lately because its required for Elder M’s training. The District is a series of videos about missionaries lives. I decided i needed to care more about the people we teach and specifically focus more on giving them something to do after the lessons. Preach my Gospel says that if we don't give them something to do they won’t do anything so they won’t repent and get baptized. It all starts with giving them an assignment. I decided i need to do that better and just be an all around more organized missionary. I need to be focused on the work but focused on doing it well and not just half way. Anyone can do missionary work half way.

anyways what else. I don't seem to mesh well with the members sometimes. Members like me but I’m not like their best friend which is different from lots of other missionaries. Elder M told me he thinks that might be my challenge in the mission. Not having that. Just like other missionaries in their mission have the challenge of not baptizing very much. I think i might be getting a little better though because a sister told me yesterday that her first impression of me was that i was very serious and focused but that after we had lunch with her she saw i wasn't that way. Rockin dude!

i feel a lot more like myself now. I’ve probably changed a lot but early in my mission i just felt like this body walking around with someone else on the inside, now i actually feel like its me.

Anything other crazy things that happened this

Dad- Im glad the stake conference went so well.. It doesn't surprise me he talked about the BoM. We had a conference here in Chile-a special one- only for the north of Chile and they talked a ton about personal conversion and the Book of Mormon. it was really good. i liked it. 2 of the men that spoke Elder Arnold and Elder Corbrige both knew spanish (knew...) so it was cool because they didn’t need translators. Elder Cook was the apostle who presided. The conference was televised.
Ok well got to go, see ya all next week. Oh by the way changes are coming so be looking for the information. The transfer ends this week sunday.


Elder Cropper

Sister Cropper - February 24, 2014

So this last week I passed my 11th month mark on my mission. It is crazy how fast time flies! I feel like I haven´t learned anything and just started my mission yesterday! 

So this last week was good. We had transfer this last tuesday and I got my new comp, Sister S. She is from São Paulo (third companion from this state) and she is just a really nice person! I really like her a lot! She is one out of four members of the church in her family. She has a sister serving a mission in the north of Brasil. She was baptized when she was 11. It is great to work with her. 

So we have been trying to do a lot of finding because the people we had are just not interested. One thing that our mission president stresses is that we do not waste our time with people that are not that interested. So if they don´t go to church, cut them! But we had 2 people at church this last sunday. We had Silmara and Ghliermino (i think that is how you spell his name). Silmara has depression (I think I talked about her last week) and she is very sensitive about everything. Satan has been working so hard on her to make her more and more sad this last week. She lost her documents, her work called and wanted her to return (she isn´t ready for that yet), a good friend died, her daughter is depressed as well, her dad´s cancer is getting worse! Just one thing after another! Plus Saturday a friend told her all this false stuff about our church so Saturday night we had to resolve that stuff! But finally sunday came and she was at church and it was a miracle. In RS they talked about depression (from Elder Holland´s talk), then in sunday school they talked all about the doubts she had the day before, and sacrament meeting was just good! Plus yesterday she got a blessing. So this week we are working on baptism and hopefully we can help her be baptized this next sunday. We will see. 

So this week is just focusing on finding more people and families. This is what stresses me! Finding because if you don´t find, you don´t teach and if you don´t teach, you don´t baptize!! Important! 

with love, 

Sister Cropper 

Elder Cropper - February 24, 2014

So good week good week

We had a baptism this week which was super chill. I was really elaluating the baptisms that ive had in the mission compared to other baptisms missionariesa are having. The sister in my district are teaching a couple who are married who like the church but have been struggling with baptism for some time. They just dont know if they want to do it or not. They have issues with drinking and all these things really difficult stuff. Anyways my point is that is wierd because all of the people who i taught and were later baptised expcepted everything. With very little resistence and were baptised very quickly. All of my investigators that ive had that have been baptised have all been the gold investigator that missionaries all talk about. They all wanted to get baptised from the start, no videos, members or cute games needed (things missionareis use in lessons) Anyways i was kind of confused by this. if maybe that ment i wasent a very good missionary. If i had never been able to convince anyone i only got the really easy baptisms. Anyways but today in our district activity that we had we had a spiritual part where we read our patriartical blessings. Something that my blessing says really touched, let me get it out and write you the part. 

I promise you that you will be led to those whose hearts are prepared to recieve this message, and that you and they may rejoice togeather in the kingdom of our father.

So i really was touched by the part where its says whose hearts are prepared. I think thats the anwser why its been so easy. Theyve all just excepted everything right up front.

Other interessting thing from this last week was just my interaction with president this last week. I wrote him my letter last week and he thanked me for my honesty and sincerity. He said it happens to many in the mission what i talked about. he said that I am great and said he loves me. I really apreciated what he said and the understanding that came with his note. Telling president about that little part of my mission feelings helped me relax more with him. Ive had to call him a few times this last week talking about one of our investigators (the one who got baptised) because he was a special case pretty much a mircale (again another person who excepted everything and was super easy to baptise. I also had to call him because we are teaching the Owner or father of the owner of a really fancy resort here in olmué. this city is really touristy so thats why there is a resort here. its called the Rose Agustina. Anyways we are teaching the owner or father of the owner i dont know which it is, we are teaching him english and the gospel. President is coming to our lesson with him this wednesday because he wants a free pass the the resort hahaha. Anyways, and i just got off the phone with him talking with him about another special baptism case that we might have this coming march. he asked me on the phone why we dont do it this friday (end of month) i told him we would try and he said ok, and that we might have 2 miracles this month. He really wants us to baptise this girl. 

ANyways good stuff. rockin up the mission. Dont have much time to write more because i was on the phone with pres and the asistants and there went my computer time. Ive taken a little extra but i feel a little bad sooooo idk let me think if there was anything else..........ohh yeah stupid story with Elder Newbold who says he got attacked by satan in the night. I know hes my friend but i dont want to be friends with people who get attacked my satan in the night lol. He said it happened because they were talking about bad things lol which isint good either. They are the zone leaders and need to remember that they are the example. Well enouggh of that. 

Oh i got sick this last week. We didnt work for one day. Well we did but it was slow. It kind of effected me all week. But now im better. HAving a little trouble sleeping at night though because its activating my athsma. But now im better. 

What else!!!!! nope thats it.

Oh by the way I complete a year this week!!!!!!!!!!!! a year ago today i was set apart as a missionary.

See ya all in a year.

Elder Cropper

Sister Cropper - February 17, 2014

Yay! Transfers have come! So I am staying in my same area but my companion will be transferred and I will be receiving a new companion! Wahoo! I am excited too because we have some really good investigators that just need to be baptized. 

We had one baptism yesterday but it was good. Christian (a young guy that we found on the street) was baptized. Actually it was a little bit crazy. We hadn´t taught him anything when he first came to church the week before. He then came and really liked it so the next week, we met with him on thursday and began asking more questions about his life. We learned that his brother died so we began teaching the second lesson. (We teach the 2nd lesson here differently) and we invited him to be baptized this sunday. He said yes! So we baptized him. 

We also had a miracle with another person. We received a reference from someone we baptized about two weeks ago. Two weeks ago we tried to pass by the apartment but we couldn´t find it! We walked so much that day and then she wasn´t answering the phone and so we just let it go and didn´t even plan to go back. So last Tuesday,  I wrote down that I wanted to try this reference again. During the day we weren´t having success so we decided to pass by her apartment (we finally found it). When we called her apartment, she was there and said that we could share a message. She began talking about how that day she just didn´t understand why she was here on this earth and that she just wanted to be happy. So we shared the second lesson with her and she just loved it. She felt and looked so much better. She told just that she woke up this morning feeling that it would be her last day so really God sent us to help her. She told us that the week before, she didn´t want us to visit and she wasn´t going to accept us but because we listened to the spirit and because heavenly father prepared her, she accepted our message and us! We also shared some scriptures with her and she said that she was familiar with all of them but for some reason, they had so much more meaning for her. It was a really good day. 

So I am glad to stay in this area and work more. It is a small area and I have almost knocked on every door but to me that isn´t a problem. A lot of other people complain about this area and about that but i don´t have a problem because I know that there are still people here that me and my companion need to find. 

I have heard really good things about my new companion. My friend (Sister Bergloff, I served in Ohio with her)) trained her so I am excited. 

So family! Thank you for all the great letters and love! Hope you will all survive this crazy winter weather! It is hot like a mother here in Ponta Grossa! Finally we had some rain last week. We have been having a drought and the city began shutting of water in different towns here for 24 hours this last week. It was a little crazy but now we had rain so they won´t be doing that anymore. 

Family! I love you all and hope your week is wonderful. 

Sister Cropper 

Elder Cropper - February 17, 2014

Hello how are you all. 

I am fine thank you. um so my week!

Had a fun interchange with Elder N this last week. I went to his sector which was a lot of fun. He’s a good missionary but just a little crazy sometimes. He was telling me in the bus about drama mission stuff and how he doesn't care because Elder N makes Elder N happy. He asked me who makes Elder Cropper happy and I told him God.

Elder N on our interchange decided to tell me about something that was going on with his new companion (something his companion told him rather) Turns out that this Elder had had feelings for a sister in the mission and they began writing notes to each other. They did it for like 3 months (happened awhile ago). Anyways the problem is that he and this sister are in the same zone again and its actually one of the sisters in my district which is sad because the sisters in my district are the Sister Training Leaders. Elder N didn't know what to do. He didn't want to ruin the friendship he had with his new companion. He said his companion said he had repented but he hadn't told president. I told him i couldn't get involved in things like that, that it was his companion and his situation to decide. I did however tell him that the rules book says call president. He ended up thinking about it and praying about it ( i think) and called president. I was happy that an Elder decided to finish the repentance process on something like that. Satan is everywhere, even in the mission. 

We had a good zone meeting wednesday. Interesting to listen and not actually do it this time. They did just an ok job. Elder N got tired so he sat down in the middle of the presentation which just made us all question the importance of the meeting (body language is important). Anyways, we started the meeting like an hour late, and i just felt it could have been done better. I felt bad though because i think Elder N felt a lot of pressure and bad that things weren't working out. The zone is having trouble too so i think he's stressed about that. We have 0 baptisms in the zone and were almost in the end of the month. The zone I’m in now usually baptizes a lot like top in the mission. We have few baptismal dates right now. Actually my district is the only district that has any. We have 5 which is great work.

So we had a miracle happen this week. A man named Carlos who is married to a recent convert came home for vacations this week. He is a marine for the navy and is on leave. Well carlos decided he wanted to get baptized which was a total miracle. The only thing is that Carlos is going to leave the 25 of Feb. And he hasn't come to church enough times (3) to be baptized, well they told us to ask for permission (his family) and we felt it was the will of God so we approved it with our bishop and then called president together to approve it. He said it was good to talk with me because he hadn't heard my voice in a long time. We explained the situation with the bishop and then president gave us permission. So were gonna baptize!!! i love baptisms. So the baptism is this Saturday, he’ll get confirmed this Sunday and receive the priesthood as well and then they leave the next tuesday. I was really excited that president gave us permission. 

I like being here in Olmue. We have a lot of fun and are really obedient and pure. I like being pure it makes me happy. Plus if you are worthy its easier to stay worthy. I was sent here for many reasons. 

Today president asked all the missionaries to write while they were here on this mission. I decided to be honest with president and tell him what my purpose WAS, but what it had changed to become recently.

Anyways, i told him the frankly i had come on the mission  for many reasons but a big one was to be a leader. I just flat out wanted to be a leader or assistant or whatever. I told him that I had other reasons as well but that a way to big part of my overall purpose was the desire to be a leader in the mission. So I told him that my purpose had now begun to change and that I am now just here to be a missionary. There is nothing more important than that. I gave him the example of this

Before i was happy when I was successful in things the world cares about like leadership and other things like that.

Now I just have joy in being a missionary and a  representative of christ. 

Theres a difference between happiness and Joy (i didn't add that) 

anyways I thought of Alma and Amulek in the BoM. Where does it say in the story of their mission that Alma took joy in the fact that he was High Priest over the church. Never. But it does say that he was happy or joyful when people were righteous, decided to get baptized, established the church. Stuff like that.

So my message for this week is be humble and don't focus on the things of the world but the things of god. 

Ok well peace out boy scout. By the way the next pday will be my completing a year pday yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Cropper