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Elder Cropper - February 17, 2014

Hello how are you all. 

I am fine thank you. um so my week!

Had a fun interchange with Elder N this last week. I went to his sector which was a lot of fun. He’s a good missionary but just a little crazy sometimes. He was telling me in the bus about drama mission stuff and how he doesn't care because Elder N makes Elder N happy. He asked me who makes Elder Cropper happy and I told him God.

Elder N on our interchange decided to tell me about something that was going on with his new companion (something his companion told him rather) Turns out that this Elder had had feelings for a sister in the mission and they began writing notes to each other. They did it for like 3 months (happened awhile ago). Anyways the problem is that he and this sister are in the same zone again and its actually one of the sisters in my district which is sad because the sisters in my district are the Sister Training Leaders. Elder N didn't know what to do. He didn't want to ruin the friendship he had with his new companion. He said his companion said he had repented but he hadn't told president. I told him i couldn't get involved in things like that, that it was his companion and his situation to decide. I did however tell him that the rules book says call president. He ended up thinking about it and praying about it ( i think) and called president. I was happy that an Elder decided to finish the repentance process on something like that. Satan is everywhere, even in the mission. 

We had a good zone meeting wednesday. Interesting to listen and not actually do it this time. They did just an ok job. Elder N got tired so he sat down in the middle of the presentation which just made us all question the importance of the meeting (body language is important). Anyways, we started the meeting like an hour late, and i just felt it could have been done better. I felt bad though because i think Elder N felt a lot of pressure and bad that things weren't working out. The zone is having trouble too so i think he's stressed about that. We have 0 baptisms in the zone and were almost in the end of the month. The zone I’m in now usually baptizes a lot like top in the mission. We have few baptismal dates right now. Actually my district is the only district that has any. We have 5 which is great work.

So we had a miracle happen this week. A man named Carlos who is married to a recent convert came home for vacations this week. He is a marine for the navy and is on leave. Well carlos decided he wanted to get baptized which was a total miracle. The only thing is that Carlos is going to leave the 25 of Feb. And he hasn't come to church enough times (3) to be baptized, well they told us to ask for permission (his family) and we felt it was the will of God so we approved it with our bishop and then called president together to approve it. He said it was good to talk with me because he hadn't heard my voice in a long time. We explained the situation with the bishop and then president gave us permission. So were gonna baptize!!! i love baptisms. So the baptism is this Saturday, he’ll get confirmed this Sunday and receive the priesthood as well and then they leave the next tuesday. I was really excited that president gave us permission. 

I like being here in Olmue. We have a lot of fun and are really obedient and pure. I like being pure it makes me happy. Plus if you are worthy its easier to stay worthy. I was sent here for many reasons. 

Today president asked all the missionaries to write while they were here on this mission. I decided to be honest with president and tell him what my purpose WAS, but what it had changed to become recently.

Anyways, i told him the frankly i had come on the mission  for many reasons but a big one was to be a leader. I just flat out wanted to be a leader or assistant or whatever. I told him that I had other reasons as well but that a way to big part of my overall purpose was the desire to be a leader in the mission. So I told him that my purpose had now begun to change and that I am now just here to be a missionary. There is nothing more important than that. I gave him the example of this

Before i was happy when I was successful in things the world cares about like leadership and other things like that.

Now I just have joy in being a missionary and a  representative of christ. 

Theres a difference between happiness and Joy (i didn't add that) 

anyways I thought of Alma and Amulek in the BoM. Where does it say in the story of their mission that Alma took joy in the fact that he was High Priest over the church. Never. But it does say that he was happy or joyful when people were righteous, decided to get baptized, established the church. Stuff like that.

So my message for this week is be humble and don't focus on the things of the world but the things of god. 

Ok well peace out boy scout. By the way the next pday will be my completing a year pday yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Cropper

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