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Elder Cropper - February 24, 2014

So good week good week

We had a baptism this week which was super chill. I was really elaluating the baptisms that ive had in the mission compared to other baptisms missionariesa are having. The sister in my district are teaching a couple who are married who like the church but have been struggling with baptism for some time. They just dont know if they want to do it or not. They have issues with drinking and all these things really difficult stuff. Anyways my point is that is wierd because all of the people who i taught and were later baptised expcepted everything. With very little resistence and were baptised very quickly. All of my investigators that ive had that have been baptised have all been the gold investigator that missionaries all talk about. They all wanted to get baptised from the start, no videos, members or cute games needed (things missionareis use in lessons) Anyways i was kind of confused by this. if maybe that ment i wasent a very good missionary. If i had never been able to convince anyone i only got the really easy baptisms. Anyways but today in our district activity that we had we had a spiritual part where we read our patriartical blessings. Something that my blessing says really touched, let me get it out and write you the part. 

I promise you that you will be led to those whose hearts are prepared to recieve this message, and that you and they may rejoice togeather in the kingdom of our father.

So i really was touched by the part where its says whose hearts are prepared. I think thats the anwser why its been so easy. Theyve all just excepted everything right up front.

Other interessting thing from this last week was just my interaction with president this last week. I wrote him my letter last week and he thanked me for my honesty and sincerity. He said it happens to many in the mission what i talked about. he said that I am great and said he loves me. I really apreciated what he said and the understanding that came with his note. Telling president about that little part of my mission feelings helped me relax more with him. Ive had to call him a few times this last week talking about one of our investigators (the one who got baptised) because he was a special case pretty much a mircale (again another person who excepted everything and was super easy to baptise. I also had to call him because we are teaching the Owner or father of the owner of a really fancy resort here in olmuĂ©. this city is really touristy so thats why there is a resort here. its called the Rose Agustina. Anyways we are teaching the owner or father of the owner i dont know which it is, we are teaching him english and the gospel. President is coming to our lesson with him this wednesday because he wants a free pass the the resort hahaha. Anyways, and i just got off the phone with him talking with him about another special baptism case that we might have this coming march. he asked me on the phone why we dont do it this friday (end of month) i told him we would try and he said ok, and that we might have 2 miracles this month. He really wants us to baptise this girl. 

ANyways good stuff. rockin up the mission. Dont have much time to write more because i was on the phone with pres and the asistants and there went my computer time. Ive taken a little extra but i feel a little bad sooooo idk let me think if there was anything else..........ohh yeah stupid story with Elder Newbold who says he got attacked by satan in the night. I know hes my friend but i dont want to be friends with people who get attacked my satan in the night lol. He said it happened because they were talking about bad things lol which isint good either. They are the zone leaders and need to remember that they are the example. Well enouggh of that. 

Oh i got sick this last week. We didnt work for one day. Well we did but it was slow. It kind of effected me all week. But now im better. HAving a little trouble sleeping at night though because its activating my athsma. But now im better. 

What else!!!!! nope thats it.

Oh by the way I complete a year this week!!!!!!!!!!!! a year ago today i was set apart as a missionary.

See ya all in a year.

Elder Cropper

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