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Elder Cropper - March 3, 2014

well hello there all.

We had a pretty tough week. We just didn't accomplish anything our numbers were really low. 

We had a pretty chill DL conference thing Friday. I like being with all the missionaries so it was fun. More of my friends are DL’s so it was fun to see them again. Some of them i haven't seen for a year since i was in the MTC. If you want to see some sweet action shots of Elder Cropper in the meeting jut go to that website and click Mas informaci√≥n underneath the photo of Elders smiling. Its the first one.

I decided i need a haircut.


I really liked the meeting because it was a lot more low key then the others. I didn't feel as pressured and I just listened and learned. I learned a lot of things i can do better as a DL. It doesn't matter where you are you can always learn more. I thought it was a little funny because the had originally assigned me to give my testimony in the meeting so i was pondering on the things I could say. Well when it came time for testimonies they didn't call my name and the assistant winked at me. I guess they decided that we've heard enough from Elder Cropper. They usually use those moments though to hear from new elders or hear the testimonies of New district leaders. anyways what ever. I was pretty excited to bear my testimony though.

So I always think its funny do deal with drunk people on the mish. We were fasting Saturday which stinks on the mish because when we fast its for the full 24 hours unlike at home where i got by with 2 meals....or maybe just 1..oops haha. anyways, and in the mission you don't sit down or sleep all day you go walk in the street in the sun. ANyways so we stopped at a house to contact a girl who we had given a book to like 3 weeks ago. Just like everyone else that day she didn't want anything, but her drunk friend did want to serve us so he poured us a big class of pop. I wanted to turn it down because we were fasting but then i felt like we should drink it so we did. I decided that the man was drunk (you could smell it from a mile away) and that he would probably shank us (kill us) if we hadn't accepted. We also passed by an investigator who hasn't been progressing a lot and she had a glass of wine and was smoking when we walked up to shake her hand. I think she was a little embarrassed but who cares, i think were going to drop her lol. 

We've been watching the District lately because its required for Elder M’s training. The District is a series of videos about missionaries lives. I decided i needed to care more about the people we teach and specifically focus more on giving them something to do after the lessons. Preach my Gospel says that if we don't give them something to do they won’t do anything so they won’t repent and get baptized. It all starts with giving them an assignment. I decided i need to do that better and just be an all around more organized missionary. I need to be focused on the work but focused on doing it well and not just half way. Anyone can do missionary work half way.

anyways what else. I don't seem to mesh well with the members sometimes. Members like me but I’m not like their best friend which is different from lots of other missionaries. Elder M told me he thinks that might be my challenge in the mission. Not having that. Just like other missionaries in their mission have the challenge of not baptizing very much. I think i might be getting a little better though because a sister told me yesterday that her first impression of me was that i was very serious and focused but that after we had lunch with her she saw i wasn't that way. Rockin dude!

i feel a lot more like myself now. I’ve probably changed a lot but early in my mission i just felt like this body walking around with someone else on the inside, now i actually feel like its me.

Anything other crazy things that happened this

Dad- Im glad the stake conference went so well.. It doesn't surprise me he talked about the BoM. We had a conference here in Chile-a special one- only for the north of Chile and they talked a ton about personal conversion and the Book of Mormon. it was really good. i liked it. 2 of the men that spoke Elder Arnold and Elder Corbrige both knew spanish (knew...) so it was cool because they didn’t need translators. Elder Cook was the apostle who presided. The conference was televised.
Ok well got to go, see ya all next week. Oh by the way changes are coming so be looking for the information. The transfer ends this week sunday.


Elder Cropper

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