Saturday, March 29, 2014

"I Am Taking My Clothes Off" : Elder Cropper - March 10, 2014

Dear Family:
So this weeks quote comes from Sister B the sister Training leader who's in my district. I called them last night to get their numbers, she answered and asked me to wait for a second because she was taking off her clothes! I was like WHAT!!!!!!! Her companion started laughing in the background and thats when she clarified that she was taking her clothes of the clothes line, they were drying. Sister B doesn't speak Spanish very well sometimes so she often mixes her words. We had a pretty good laugh about it but it sure freaked me out.

I had a pretty good week. Still feel like I’m working better then ever and being a really great missionary but our numbers once again were low. I have been following what Dad said a little about putting more appointments but nobody is there when we go. They aren't appointments with the same people either. The only appointments that have been sticking are appointments with Less actives and Recent Converts. Pretty frustrating. 

So we have changes this Wednesday, I don't know what will happen, i don't really have a feeling either so whatever i guess.

I did a baptismal interview this week for 2 investigators of the sisters. They lacked one important thing to get baptized....they didn't want to get baptized. It wasn't really an interview to see if they were ready it was more of an interview to see if i could say anything to them to convince them. I also wanted to see how they were for myself to better give advice. Typical sister issues, they get way to attached to their investigators which blinds them to who is ready and who isn't--something that I’ve seen a bunch in my mission. The sisters were also focusing on the lesser doubts which were word of wisdom and something else when the doubt really was that they were nervous about getting baptized and then leaving everything afterwards. I gave this good analogy to the wife where i compared marriage to baptism. I asked her if when she got married if she knew from the get-go that everything was going to go just peachy keen, if they were ever going to fight or have issues. She said no. I told her that she didn't think that way but she still got married because she loved the man and had faith everything would work out. I said in baptism we do it because we love the Lord and have faith everything will work out afterwards. Sometimes all we need to do is commit and then we will find that the Challenges we thought we were going to have didn't show up. Anyways, i said lots of thing to her about that but she just kept saying "wells that’s why we want more time" I decided that They cant be pressured and that they aren't ready, haven't been humbled enough. This letter makes it sound like i was harsh on them but i wasn't. Anyways so i felt bad for the sisters. Hermana B has been here for 6 months and hasn't baptized. I think she will leave this Wednesday and its the worst to serve in a sector without baptizing.

We received a reference thats pretty good this last week. Young kid who's name is Enso. He's dating a girl in the ward and he wants to get baptized too. We will start teaching him tomorrow.

The man who owns the fancy resort here hasn't called us back. They had to cancel an english lesson because he was sick or something and we called again and they said we will call you. Well ....we tried. President Kahnlien never came and taught him with us. He told us after that he was too busy and had an interview with a branch president.

Well thats all i got folks. There goes another Pday writing to the family just like that. I only do this like 50 more times out of 104. 

Love ya all,

Elder Cropper
or like the Chilean people say 
Elder Crooper

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