Saturday, March 29, 2014

"I like to eat Jesus' little bread." Sister Cropper - March 10, 2014

Dear Family
Okay so this week the quote is from this little boy we were talking with. One day it was raining and we didn´t have our umbrellas so we were hanging out under this big tree when this woman invited us into her house (she wasn´t interested but she was nice!) and we were talking with her grandson. He is three and we asked him if he liked going to church. He said yes and I asked him why! He responded that he liked eating the little bread of Jesus. This is what it is in portuguese: eu gosto de comer o pãozinho de Jesus! I think it is funnier in portuguese!  

So the last five days were pretty good. We found this woman last week when we were knocking doors. She first said she had a church and didn´t live there as well. She was taking care of a woman that is 104 years old!!! So I asked her to ask the old woman if she wanted us to pray with her. This woman - her name is Jussara - went in and the old lady said yes! So we went in and began to talk to Jussara. It turned out that she has been driven away from her church for a month because she doesn´t agree with the doutrina. Plus her husband died 4 years ago and wasn´t able to find a good response to where he was or how she can live with him again. So we jumped right on it and taught the second lesson! The spirit was really strong and she told us at the end that she had been praying to God to know what church she needed to go and what direction in her life she needed to take! WOAH It was really neat because it is interesting how the Spirit works. Usually when a person doesn´t want a message and says they have a religion, we say thanks and move on to the next door but when we were talking with her, the question about asking the old woman if she wanted us to pray with her just came out of my mouth. Plus I have already knocked on that door several times. The only problem is is that she doesn´t live in our area!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus she wasn´t at church Sunday. That is the one thing I hate about my area, it is the central part of the city and a lot of people we find don´t live here. But we will continue on and find more of the elect. but I didn´t want to leave this woman without a knowledge of knowing she could be with her husband forever. 

Anyways, so we had people at church this last Sunday. One of our investigator´s name is Douglas!!!! I told him that he has your name, Dad. We found Douglas last Sunday doing contacts on the street. He is 27. He liked church a lot and we will continue to teach and baptize him the next Sunday. We have a baptism this Sunday for a girl that is the daughter of an investigator. The pesquisador can´t be baptized because her husband doesn´t want to get married but the daughter will so we will have that this sunday. 

We are focusing on finding this week. We have gotten some references from people in our ward and the people we have baptized  so we are going to try to contact them this week. It will be a good week. 

Silmara is still really sad and it was frustrating because she wasn´t answering her frickin´phone this last week!!!! She refused to answer our calls!!!! She didn´t come to church last sunday but I had written to President about Silmara and he called us last week to talk about her. The stake president´s wife here is a psychologist and so he told us to have Silmara talk with her. We brought her over yesterday to Silmara´s house and it was perfect. They are going to talk later this week and it is perfect because I know she will help her mentally and spiritually. 

So yeah, things are good. Just continuing on and learning new things every day. I know I can still improve and I pray almost every day that Heavenly Father will help me become the missionary that I can be!!! Especially because i only have 10 days until my one year- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. 

 And about Carnival. It was way crazy in Rio de Janeiro than here in Parana. Ponta Grossa is a very tranquil place. Nothing, literally nothing, happened. There were just more drunk people on the street. What will be absolutely crazy is the Fifa world cup because it is here in Brasil and especially in Curitiba. EVerything will be shut down for a month. Nobody will work and if Brasil doesn´t win (and the usa does well) it will be very crazy! And if brasil wins, it will be really crazy! 

Sam- Keep rockin´ it dude. I hope transfers went well for you!!! 


Sister Cropper

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