Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sister Cropper - February 17, 2014

Yay! Transfers have come! So I am staying in my same area but my companion will be transferred and I will be receiving a new companion! Wahoo! I am excited too because we have some really good investigators that just need to be baptized. 

We had one baptism yesterday but it was good. Christian (a young guy that we found on the street) was baptized. Actually it was a little bit crazy. We hadn´t taught him anything when he first came to church the week before. He then came and really liked it so the next week, we met with him on thursday and began asking more questions about his life. We learned that his brother died so we began teaching the second lesson. (We teach the 2nd lesson here differently) and we invited him to be baptized this sunday. He said yes! So we baptized him. 

We also had a miracle with another person. We received a reference from someone we baptized about two weeks ago. Two weeks ago we tried to pass by the apartment but we couldn´t find it! We walked so much that day and then she wasn´t answering the phone and so we just let it go and didn´t even plan to go back. So last Tuesday,  I wrote down that I wanted to try this reference again. During the day we weren´t having success so we decided to pass by her apartment (we finally found it). When we called her apartment, she was there and said that we could share a message. She began talking about how that day she just didn´t understand why she was here on this earth and that she just wanted to be happy. So we shared the second lesson with her and she just loved it. She felt and looked so much better. She told just that she woke up this morning feeling that it would be her last day so really God sent us to help her. She told us that the week before, she didn´t want us to visit and she wasn´t going to accept us but because we listened to the spirit and because heavenly father prepared her, she accepted our message and us! We also shared some scriptures with her and she said that she was familiar with all of them but for some reason, they had so much more meaning for her. It was a really good day. 

So I am glad to stay in this area and work more. It is a small area and I have almost knocked on every door but to me that isn´t a problem. A lot of other people complain about this area and about that but i don´t have a problem because I know that there are still people here that me and my companion need to find. 

I have heard really good things about my new companion. My friend (Sister Bergloff, I served in Ohio with her)) trained her so I am excited. 

So family! Thank you for all the great letters and love! Hope you will all survive this crazy winter weather! It is hot like a mother here in Ponta Grossa! Finally we had some rain last week. We have been having a drought and the city began shutting of water in different towns here for 24 hours this last week. It was a little crazy but now we had rain so they won´t be doing that anymore. 

Family! I love you all and hope your week is wonderful. 

Sister Cropper 

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