Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sister Cropper - February 24, 2014

So this last week I passed my 11th month mark on my mission. It is crazy how fast time flies! I feel like I haven´t learned anything and just started my mission yesterday! 

So this last week was good. We had transfer this last tuesday and I got my new comp, Sister S. She is from São Paulo (third companion from this state) and she is just a really nice person! I really like her a lot! She is one out of four members of the church in her family. She has a sister serving a mission in the north of Brasil. She was baptized when she was 11. It is great to work with her. 

So we have been trying to do a lot of finding because the people we had are just not interested. One thing that our mission president stresses is that we do not waste our time with people that are not that interested. So if they don´t go to church, cut them! But we had 2 people at church this last sunday. We had Silmara and Ghliermino (i think that is how you spell his name). Silmara has depression (I think I talked about her last week) and she is very sensitive about everything. Satan has been working so hard on her to make her more and more sad this last week. She lost her documents, her work called and wanted her to return (she isn´t ready for that yet), a good friend died, her daughter is depressed as well, her dad´s cancer is getting worse! Just one thing after another! Plus Saturday a friend told her all this false stuff about our church so Saturday night we had to resolve that stuff! But finally sunday came and she was at church and it was a miracle. In RS they talked about depression (from Elder Holland´s talk), then in sunday school they talked all about the doubts she had the day before, and sacrament meeting was just good! Plus yesterday she got a blessing. So this week we are working on baptism and hopefully we can help her be baptized this next sunday. We will see. 

So this week is just focusing on finding more people and families. This is what stresses me! Finding because if you don´t find, you don´t teach and if you don´t teach, you don´t baptize!! Important! 

with love, 

Sister Cropper 

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