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Sister Cropper - March 17, 2014

Dear Family: 
So this week´s subject is in honor of my last companion, she has the nickname Le Chaton right now. Le Chaton is just this little boutique that my companion and I saw walking one day and decided to say it when something is annoying. Chato in portuguese means annoying. So anyways, congratulations to Sister A for winning a wonderful nickname! Why?!?!?!?!!? Because this last thursday Sister Le Chaton went to visit Silmara. She went with her companion to visit my pesquisador in my area. She broke several rules because Sister Le Chaton is Sister Le Chaton and thinks she can do whatever she wants. I had called Silmara last friday to talk with her and she told me the news. I immediately called my DL to do a conference call with the companion of Le Chaton but they didn´t answer so I went and told my DL all that happened. Let´s just say all is well and they know they broke SEVERAL rules. 

But Silmara is a lot better and she is a lot happier thanks to my mission president who gave the advice and the member in my stake who helped us a lot! Silmara was confirmed yesterday and she is a lot better now. 

The little girl who was baptized yesterday, her step dad has already been married and he just doesn´t want to get married again. He is a drunk pretty much all the time as well and so I know her mother doesn´t really want to stay with him anyways. It is all very sad but happy because now this little girl will show the example for her family. 

It is cool because Sister Le Chaton and I helped active a young guy from this same family, his name is Denis. Yesterday, he received his mission call and is going to serve in Brasil Natal mission! He leaves the first of May. It was really neat to see him come back to church, decide to go on a mission, and now he received his mission call. He also baptized the little girl, Heloise, yesterday. 

Douglas went to church again so this week we are going to work hard to baptize him this next Sunday!! He really liked church a lot and he is just a good guy so I have faith he will be baptized. 

SO we had a neat experience yesterday with another recent convert. Her name is Dilce and I don´t know if you guys remember her or not. We went and visited her because she wasn´t at church. She explained that she had worked until 3 in the morning and was just pooped out so she stayed home. she is 63 and still works everyday from 8-6. These past 4 weeks have been really hard because of her son who was also baptized. He has just gone down hill and doesn´t want to follow God or go to church. He is really using a lot of drugs and lost his job. He has started selling all of his stuff to buy more drugs and it is just a big problem!!! So Dilce has been really sad and plus because her son lost his job, he can´t help pay for all of the expenses. So we have been helping her a lot and she is just an amazing example to me. During this really hard time so didn´t forget God. She was always praying, always searching the scriptures and exercising her faith in God. Now things are a little bit better but not completely, but that doesn´t matter because she is happy. Why? Because she knows that God will bring her out of her troubles. She says she always prays because she does something and because of that, God shows her what she needs to do. It was interesting to see her life and compare it with Silmara who didn´t have as much faith. Dilce has always recognized the little tender mercies in her life but Silmara never has. That is the problem. Silmara didn´t put her trust in God. She only had a little faith. But that faith really did carry her still but compared to Dilce, during the hardest times, Dilce was a lot more patient, happier, and had more peace. 
My companion and I were talking about this yesterday and it was just amazing to see what we learned because of the people we were teaching. Very neat. 

Well fam, I hope you all have a great week! Only two weeks left of this transfer. It is crazy, I only have 4 transfers left- this week is my one year mark! 

Mom- I can´t think of anything right now that I need or want. I can buy what I need or want here so don´t worry!! There was something that I thought of but now I don´t remember. What I do want though is letters. I love getting letters in the mail! It makes me happy and I don´t mind reading letters 3 months behind because it is still letters from my fam! That is super neat about Germany and I am jealous you guys are there without me!! I am sleeping well and eating well também. I can´t believe you pulled an all-nighter! Haha that is funny! 

Dad- That is so neat you got to visit all those places in Germany and Holland! How neat to visit old places where you served. I will definitely write the address of where I am living. And yes, I am writing in my journal everyday. I hope you guys stay safe and have a good trip back home! 

Anne- That is so neat about Jane! I knew my niece would be perfect and she is!! Please send a picture of her!!!!! That is an interesting story, what a cool lesson you learned! And that is just stupid about vaccines, people are dumb sometimes. I do not miss facebook, that is for sure. 

Michael- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope your day was magical and bright!!! I hope everything works out with the job and that you guys will here soon so you can look for houses! 

Elder Cropper- Rock it cara! I hope transfers were good and stuff! 

Love you all, 

Sister Cropper 

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