Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sister Cropper - March 5, 2014

"Believe in Me!"

This is something that my companion wrote in my planner last week because she thinks this one elder likes me. So I thought I would include it in the email. 

So this last week wasn´t that great. We had a baptism which was awesome but we didn´t find hardly anyone this last week and we had no investigators at church! 

We had a mission conference on wednesday and we also had an activity in our relief society. So the activity was about making pancakes (american style) so the sisters in our ward couldn´t make so I had to and it took a long time!!! So that day we lost time and then the next day we had a missionary activity and our ward mission leader wasn´t in Ponta Grossa so we had to do everything ourselves and it took time out of our day and then friday we had our interview for our baptism and it took forever and a day for that because our district leader likes to do 2 hour (or longer) interviews with our investigators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus friday the other sisters in our house were really sick, one passed out and then threw up and the other threw up like 9 times so we had to take them to the hospital. So we basically got nothing done last week but we are already working this week and trying to find people. It has been raining here a lot for the past few days. Plus everything is closed today because yesterday was a feriado (holiday). So Sister S and I are pressing on and exercising our fé to find people!!! We will have people at church this sunday! I know it. 

So that is pretty much what happened. Our investigator that got baptised is Silmara. She was happy but it is hard because she has depression. She is just so sad all the time. Actually I am a bit worried because yesterday she was talking about death and I that it is not good that she is talking about those kinds of things. We had read a lot of scriptures with her, conference talks, prayers but she is still unhappy. If you guys have some suggestions I would love to hear something! 

I tried to send some pictures but it takes forever and I didn´t have patience today so I am sorry!! I promise I will send them this next monday!!! 

Me and the new comp are great. I really like her a lot. She is just really nice and normal and we are learning new things TOGETHER. 


Sister Cropper 

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