Sunday, May 11, 2014

BEST WEEK EVERRRRRRR!!! Sister Cropper - April 28th

Okay so I think this was one of the better or best weeks of my mission. So after Tuesday P-day we had a mission conference and it was really good. Our mission hasn´t been baptizing as much this month and so my mission president was focusing a lot on the spiritual side of things and it was great! He shared a story about a 70 from Asia and how he was converted to the gospel. He told us how the missionaries’ hadn´t had success the week before and so they decided to work on P-day (which is crazy but sacrifice is important!) and so they began to knock on doors. Well this 70 worked everyday of the week but on that Monday, he happened to be sick. Because of that they Elders found this man and later he was baptized. My mission president explained that if the missionaries hadn´t gone and worked, they wouldn´t have found this man! So later that day I was just thinking a lot about that because as I had written in my last letter, our week before wasn´t successful. So I was praying a lot that day and me and my companion were praying a lot. At night, we had gone to the church to do something and then returned to work. Before we left, we went and prayed in the kitchen. We asked to know where we should go. I felt that we should go and visit this reference that we were already planning to visit. So we went and stopped by. The time that we had stopped by was perfect because she studies every night until 11 and so she wouldn´t have been there if we hadn´t stopped by. Plus she usually is home during the day but she doesn´t like her landlord so she makes it like she isn´t there so the landlord won´t bother here! We began talking with her and we felt to teach the first lesson. So we began and I explained about prophets. After we explained and continued on, she asked a question about prophets and explained that she has been wanting a guide for her life, someone to tell her that she is on the right path, she is doing things right. She asked if we had one today! Right then, when she asked that question, I wanted to cry!! I almost did because I was so grateful that Heavenly Father answered our prayers. I felt like Nefi a bit because he didn´t know why he was going the way he was going but he followed the prompting. 
She said that she already read some of the Book of Mormon. She traveled this weekend but she will definitely go to church this next week! 
Another was the next day. My companion felt that we should go and visit this one person who hadn´t answered when we visited them before. When we stopped by she wasn´t there but we began talking to the young man that was there. We found out that he didn´t live there. He had already talked to missionaries before but never went to church. The elders had promised him that his life would change if he went to our church. So we talked to him about that and we taught the second lesson because both of his parents have died. It was interesting because only he was there, waiting for his friend to come back and he doesn´t live there so if we hadn´t stopped by, he never would´ve heard about the church more. 
Another was the next day, a man that we knocked into. He wnted to go to church and was really interested. He works one day and the next doesn´t. I had knocked on this house many times and never talked to anyone. But that one day he happened to be there! So we invited him to church and he came yesterday and really enjoyed it. Later that night, we taught a young woman that works at a store we pass by a lot. She actually friended Anne on facebook and wanted to send a message. (Sorry Anne, my pesquisadores are crazy and like to friend my family members whom they don´t know!) She hasn´t been to a church in forever and has been wanting to be more spiritual in her life! The next day we passed by her work and she had already read everything we gave her in the BOM! She went to church yesterday and really liked it. 
Another was yesterday. The night before when we were planning, my companion felt we should try this one guy one more time. During the day we were knocking on a lot of doors and then decided to go try this guy one more time. We actually had knocked into him once before and he said to come back but we forgot. Then two weeks ago we did a street contact and it happened to be him again! He remembered that we hadn´t passed by. It was a bit embarrassing. But we passed by again and then he happened to not be there! SO yesterday we passed by and he was there but really weird and we almost didn´t go in because he was saying, oh you guys know if you want to share a message or not! Usually when people say that we don´t go in because we usually can discern that they aren´t interested. But we decided to go in. It was the best decision every because we started talking to his wife, asking if she had talked to missionaries before. she responded that she almost was baptized! So she sat down, and so did her husband and we talked with them. It wsa a great lesson and they really want to change and got to church. they said they have been feeling something missing! It was so funny because we were handing them the Book of Mormon and she said out loud, honey let´s grab it together! So the took the BOM together. I started to kind of laugh but she was dead serious about it. Now my companion and I are going to give people the BOM together, haha.They were super nice and wanted us to stay longer, but obviously we can´t because we have to find more eleitos!! 
Something that we did differently this week as well that we learned in training last Wednesday to focus on the feelings of the investigators. We focused a lot on how they were feeling and that the Book of Mormon is here to confirm the feelings they already felt. I think this gave us more power when we taught people and people were more sincere and receptive! 
So we will continue! And we will try to baptize someone this week because we haven´t had a baptism this transfer and we are hungry for one! 

The transfer ends this week so I may have p-day on Tuesday again. Just a warning. A part of me wants to stay here because of our new investigators but another part wants a new area. Already 6 months here in Ponta Grossa. We will see. Only the Lord knows. 

Love you all and hope you have a great week!!! 

Sister Cropper 

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