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Elder Cropper - March 24, 2014

Dear Family:
WHATS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week we rocked up the numbers this week, which was really cool. 12 other lessons and 8 new investigators found. Those are not normal things for our mission people, were lucky if we teach one other lesson a day.

Anyways, so I was happy with what we did this last week. Now we just got to do it again! We’re going to baptize this week. Young man named Enzo. We taught him on Monday and he said he wanted to serve a mission like use (best comment ever!) WE taught him all about the mission program and he wants to go. Well if he’s sure he wants to go on a baptism I’m pretty sure he wants to get baptized then, sooo go go Enzo!

I just want to know who and where the next one is. We look everyday but we still haven’t found the next one. It’s easy to see who will and who will not get baptized. We have maybe one guy who could get baptized but he didn’t come to church so hmmm don’t know there. 

The district is doing fine. I focus more on my calling as a missionary then my assignment as a district leader. I decided I needed to be more hard with them, i decided it was something I needed to learn how to do (because its not something i like to do) so I’m a lot more strict with them. I think its better but as for now I don’t see the fruits but we will see.

I had an interchange with Elder N this last week. He’s a trunky fool and I told it to his face. All the guy talks about are home and his girl friend who he wants to just make out with (or worse) in 4 months. I told him his mission means nothing if he doesn’t change so he decided to fast for the attribute of virtue this last Saturday. Poor zone leader example sheesh. I told president about it in my letter. Felt like he needed to know. Like the mission manual says. Loyalty to the Lord, president, and then the missionaries not the other way around. 

Elder O is doing really well. He is a really hard working missionary and is the reason why we accomplished so much this week. When two good elders get together great things happen. We are pretty close. About as close as two Elders who speak different languages can be. I continue having to teach him things about the higher doctrine of the church. For example rules on receiving the endowment like when can it be received how old do you have to bge stuff like that. I think he thought anyone could receive the endowment who was older then 12. because he started telling our 17 year old recent convert that she just needed to wait a few more months to complete a year as a member and then could go to the temple to take out her endowment....well...not true so we corrected that. With Elder O i learn patience. He does not remember the things I say. he forgets the morning schedule all the time which bugs me because I’ve explained it like 5 times. Last Saturday after he asked me a question about the morning schedule (What time do we start personal study?) Every morning at 8:30 (never changes) I added the phrase. “Elder is something wrong? I’ve told you that like 4 times.” Well we had a good talk afterwards about his struggles in the mission and how he for some reason is just not getting all the things down and how he just wants me to have a little more patience with him. He started to cry a little too. Well I was happy we had the conversation (one always happens like that during your training) I felt bad because I do need to have more patience with him. I think I serve enough and show enough love but I need to let him make more mistakes. He’s just so good and ready to learn I was unintentionally more hard on him. But anyways I’ll be more patient. 

Mary: stop comparing yourself to other missionaries. Preach my gospel chapter 1 section success as a missionary paragraph 2, READ IT! INTERNALIZE IT! lol, your doing a great job stop worrying so much. I’m not surprised those rules changed. Those are all the same rules we have here in ViƱa.

Dad: Thank you for sharing your missionary experiences. I love them. The things you said about it being a team are true. Nice photo my companion said I look a lot like you when you were on the mission. Did you guys not have missionary plaques?

Mom: The things you do with your thesis make me laugh. All nighters. Locking yourself in a hotel room for 3 days. All of them sound like the answer to me. Like Mary said take a deep breath about the thesis, say a prayer too, maybe a blessing. Everything will work out. Just remember Moroni 7:33 

 33 And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me.

Funny story on this subject. 2 weeks ago our water cut off. I thought it was because we hadn’t paid the water bill, but that didn’t seem possible to me (sometimes it happens though, happened to me in La Serena) Well I contacted the finance secretary. He told me to send him a picture of the bill so we dropped everything (studies, proselyting) to go do it. i sent him the photo and he said it wasn’t on the bills he could see online but that we needed to go to the office in the center of Olmue. So we dropped everything and went. Well while I was riding in the bus I was thinking about God or something and a feeling or voice came to my mind saying. “Where was your faith?” “What are you doing?” “You guys should be studying.” Then the scripture in 3rd Nephi came to my head.  

 31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?
32 For your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.
 33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

That scripture came to my mind but I was like...”God....we need water! We gotta pay the bill.”Well we got to the office and long story short they hadn’t cut our water, but a road making company who was constructing a road close by hit the line and water was cut for our street but would be back up shortly...booooommm God always wins lol.
Anyways we need to have more faith and first worrying about the things of God, because God always provides.

Love ya,
Elder Cropper

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