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Elder Cropper - March 31, 2014

Elder Cropper in Chile:

The 11-year-old boy next to me is playing grand theft auto. The game where you sell drugs, have sex, kill everyone, and steal everything. I’m not surprised if its messing up his mind. Where are this boys parents?!

Anyways Chile kind of bugs me some times but I love it. The people don’t think about more than just the basic needs of life. I love asking people the question if they’ve ever thought

Where do I come from?
Why am I here?
Where do we go after we die?

They always say no......what?!

I think that’s just stupid. They don’t interest themselves with their country or their community or really anything. 

Elder Cropper the neighbor:

I like having neighbors. Ours is also the owner of our house so we communicate with her a lot. I like chatting about the weather and the news, and sometimes watering her grass when I’m out watering my grass. I think its all just good fun. It will be interesting to have my own house one day and take care of it and be nice to my neighbors. 

I was interesting this week that the mission (church) sent all missionaries a little booklet about stress in the mission and how we can work on overcoming it. I read the booklet and liked it a lot. Lots of good ideas. I like that one of the ideas was having a clean apartment and making it "yours". Lots of missionaries just live out of their suitcases and I think that’s false doctrine lol.

Elder Cropper the DL:

I have no idea what to do with my district. Thanks for the advice Momio. I think I need to look at little harder how I can magnify that calling I have. I fulfill the example part because I’m obedient and I baptize, I also fulfill the administration part because I...administrate, but I’d like to figure out better why they don’t baptize or have success sometimes. 

Elder Cropper the Trainer:

Decided to have more patience with Elder O. He had two little breakdowns last week because he said I was pushing him to hard. I decided I was and that i needed to be more patient. He just has such a horrible memory and I hate it when people don’t remember basic things. Anyways now if he forgets something I just tell him the answer. Decided I was being to nit picky getting after forgetting rules and other things. He will learn with time and example. He felt bad that he had a little break down, but i told him it was normal in the training. I told him I had like 6 breakdowns which made him laugh. I’ve just decided to focus on being happier in the companionship and being better friends.

Elder Cropper the missionary who really enjoyed Zone Conference:

We had zone conference and I loved it! President was on fire and was being really silly. He talked about the emergency preparedness plan with us and had us run through a drill on the "line of communication" he chose my district to do the demonstration so I had to call every one in my district and evaluate their state of being and then give them instructions. The two companionships had different problems, the disaster was an earthquake. The sisters were on their roof because a tsunami had come. Sister M was alone and Sister B was lost in action lol. The Elders were a little bit easier Elder R just had a broken leg. So I gave them instructions and after president came to me and said out of all the conferences I had done the best. Supposedly some DLs had given really dumb instructions lol. Anyways, that made me feel good. I was happy I had looked good at the conference and made a good impression but I started feeling some prideful feelings. Annoying to deal with those thoughts and for me they come often. I did like what President said to me in my letter today though. He just said that He saw that I was changing, that I looked different and that I was shining. 

Finished another month in my mission 5 days ago. Have only 11 months left. I remember when I had 11 months in the mission. One year and one month. Cool but sad

Well, love you all a lot. Hope you have a great week. Watch all of conference please. 

The Elder Cropper

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