Monday, May 26, 2014

Elder Cropper - May 26, 2014

Dear Family:

Well I had a good week. Lots of stuff happened. I wish I could just have a nice normal week for once without not normal stuff happening, but I guess that’s not my calling right now. 

We had a District leaders training meeting Friday in ViƱa. It was nice to see president again because were like best buds which is always chill. I really feel his support when he singles me out during break times to talk with me about my district makes me feel supported. 

I presented how my district was doing during the meeting. I told them our goal was to baptize 7 but we were going to finish the month with 9. I felt pretty grateful for the success we had received in the district because none of the other 40 districts are having very much success. Actually a handful are but they will finish with 5 baptized and 7 baptized. Looks like our district will baptize the most in the mission. We had 5 baptisms in the district this last week, which was crazy. I assisted 3 of the 5. I was very grateful that in the end everything worked out, God won Satan lost. That’s what president told me in my letter this week, he said Elder Cropper the battle is real, but God always wins, and have faith! He’s right because God did win in the end, all the people who didn’t get baptized the last week got baptized this week. We have 2 more to go which are from our sector. I feel more then confident that they will get baptized this Friday. There are both very excited--their parents as well.

After I talked with president a few times in the meeting Friday he came up to me afterword’s and said, So your district is going to finish with 9 Elder Cropper, well if you don’t get the 9 I’m going to send you to Siberia, haha that made me laugh. I like it when he jokes around. I really enjoyed the meeting Friday. I think it was the best meeting I’ve ever been to in my whole entire mission. 

Saturday was a rough day, we had a few disobedience things happen in our companionship, we made goals to give more; it was a good bonding moment. Saturday night was terrible because I got sick. I woke up at 4 feeling super hot and like i was going to throw up so I went to the bathroom and low and behold I THREW UP. I don’t like throwing up haha, Anyways I felt better in the morning so we were able to go to church and baptisms as well as work afterwords. I still feel a little sick and am having some trouble with diarrhea, but I brought a 7 up and took some pills so I’m feeling better. I’ve been getting sick a lot lately. 

Were going to have a mission conference this next month. Elder Robbins of the presidency of the seventy is going to come so I’m excited.

We have changes coming up soon. This is the last week of changes, and we begin a new change this next week. This next week I will only have 5 changes out of 17 left. Pretty crazy. Its nice to have a good relationship with President and God because I know that whatever happens which changes is what needs to happen. Good feeling.

Ok got to go thanks for all the prayers and such. Hope you have a good week.

Elder Sam Cropper

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