Sunday, May 11, 2014

Espiritas! Sister Cropper - April 21st

Dear Family:
So the title of this email is a religion I have learned to despise here. They are called espiritas. So there are several types and they all believe in different things. So some believe in Christ and the bible but some don´t. They all believe God is in us and in everything. Some believe in reincarnation and others believe in both resurrection and reincarnation!!! It is all very confusing. 

Yesterday and Sunday night we talked to three different espiritas. The first was this really annoying man who said he visited a lot of churches and was searching for the truth but only found in espiritism. He talked all about how God was in everything; we asked about Jesus Christ and he said he didn´t believe in Jesus but believed in Christ. I asked him to explain and then he started saying that I didn´t understand what he was saying because I don´t speak this language but my companion clarified that she heard the same thing and wanted clarification. He couldn´t explain himself! He told us they believed Jesus was a personage and Christ was a personage. Se la! Haha he couldn´t even explain his own religion. He kept telling us how complicated it is. He also said he doesn´t believe in the devil and that he doesn´t exist and the bible is just a fabrication, a good story!!! How sad! I told my comp after that I know our religion is true because we can sum up in 5 things what we believe, 1. Faith, 2. Repentance, 3. Baptism, 4. The gift of the Holy Ghost, 5. Enduring to the end. 

Then the other espirita believed more in Christ but she was so uncertain of what she believed. For us, it is definite about what we believe. We know what will happen, but for her it is so uncertain. 

Then the last and most annoying was this other woman. She asked if we believed Christ would return, we said yes. She told us that Christ already returned and that he already returned in our hearts. I have been thinking bout something for a while. Because it seems to me that only our religion uses the repentance process and really focuses on how Christ helps us overcome our sins. But to other religions, how are they teaching their people that only Christ can take away the guilt of our sins. So I asked her exactly that and she couldn´t answer me. What the devil wants is that we don´t believe in Christ and that we don´t need him, that we do no wrong. But I am so grateful to have the Book of Mormon and other scriptures to really know that we need Him!!!! We need Christ!!! After she couldn´t answer, I boldy shared my testimony of Christ and she tried to but in to my testimony but I told her to wait until I was done! We spent so much time listening to her yap on and on and I wanted to have my moment to share what I knew. Minha nossa!!! It is so sad to see people so lost and confused and to not care for correction. No one is humble anymore to listen to the truth. It is so sad and frustrating. She believes that sin doesn´t exist. We do wrongs but sin doesn´t exist! ARG! It says right in the BOM that the devil will make us believe he doesn´t exist and that is exactly what he is doing! 

But we continue on. We had one guy at church Sunday. It just so happened that my mission president came to our ward and the day I was giving a talk!!!! Talk about nerve wracking!!! They said it was a great talk. It wasn´t my best but whatever! So our guy that came to church talked with our mission president for 10 minutes! It was pretty funny. 

So the temple was great. The Curitiba temple is beautiful!!! And the video was way different but cool. I was surprised at some of the expressions and I learned new things.

We found this girl last week. We taught the second lesson with her and her dad. Her dad wasn´t all that interested but when we were talking with her she said that we touched a cord in her heart! She already has a religion but we will continue to work with her. 

We just need to find new people. That is our goal! 

Also, I got the call from the secretaries about which airport I want to return!!! AHH I said Moline. Hope that is okay because I think it is already decided. Plus it will be nice to arrive home and only have to drive 20 minutes to get home.

Love you all, 

Sister Cropper 

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