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Elder Cropper - April 21st

Dear Family: 
I hate it when i cant think of funny quotes so instead I’m going to put a scripture that cuts to the bone.

 23 And that which doth not edify is not of God, and is darkness.

D and C 50:23

Boom! I love that kinda stuff!

Or this one

 10 Do not suppose, because it has been spoken concerning restoration, that ye shall be restored from sin to happiness. Behold, I say unto you, wickedness never was happiness.
Alma 41:10

So what de we learn from these scriptures???
We need to keep the commandments and not be stupid. It’s as simple as that. When I think of the scripture in Alma I think of Dad because he would always quote that to me. Good job father figure. 


So I’m doing good, forgive me for not doing a better job answering your questions about the huge fire in Valparaiso. I had a lot of stuff to talk about the last week and I forgot. Anyways here the low down.
Basically Saturday night it started in the hills behind the city and then worked its way down the hill where people lived (the city begins) Valparaiso is a city of hills 22 hills to be exact. 6 of these hills were burned. So this happened Saturday night, then Sunday during the day the fire started again but this time it was just a forest fire but burned more territory then the city fire did. The church inserted itself in there from the beginning and started to send assistance. The rule was that only members could go and not missionaries. That changed at 11:04 Wednesday night when little Elder Cropper was closing his eyes to fall asleep, President Kahlien called to let us know we would be going Thursday to help in Valpo (clean up and such). It was kind of funny actually because he said part of our zone would be going but the ZLs weren’t answering their phone, so he just told me to organize it. It was a little weird to call Elders in my zone (who I am not authorized to call because I can only call in my district" and call them after hours but president said we needed to be there at 8:30 in the morning at the stake center in Valparaiso and we get up at 7 which would make it too late to organize things so I had to organize it in that moment (with the permission of president of course) So anyways we went and it was a lot of fun, I’m going to include pictures. It was soooooooo disorganized. The government isn’t doing anything. Basically if you want to help you just grab a shovel walk up into that part of the city and start helping. It’s all locked down with police and stuff but there is not system to see who has received help or who hasn’t, let alone what type of help they need.

The church was a little better but only by 50 percent. The leaders were still disorganized and there wasn’t enough communication. I just wanted to take charge of the whole thing but that’s not how it works. We basically cleaned a staircase.
What the city is supposed to look like.
Valparaiso is a city of hills so most the streets are actually staircases. 

Everything was destroyed it was like a bomb had gone off. There were marines and police everywhere and helicopters flying all over the place dumping water so that fires didn’t start up again from ashes. It was pretty crazy. There was lots of water and little food. I actually got a little sick after we were done working and on our way home because I had worked so hard without very much food. Lots of difficulties. The government needs to take more control there and figure it all out. Anyways so like I said I’ll send some pictures.

Anyways, I’m going to send these pictures and go. 
Lunch for four. I had the small broken piece.
I had a really good week so I’m doing pretty good. Just have the goal to be more righteous. I’ve decided to focus more on my knowledge and testimony of Christ. If you think about it that’s like the only thing the prophets testify of--Christ. I feel like my testimony of Christ is the thing that has grown the most on my mission. 

We had a zone meeting last Friday. They talked about changing the way we teach. President told us we are all terminator missionaries. If we see something we shoot it. or in other words if we find a doubt that someone has or a problem we testify or show the a scripture to correct them. He said after we find a doubt we need to pause and listen to the spirit to see what god wants us to say. I really like this knew way to teach because it helps me pay more attention, feel the spirit more in lessons, and follow the spirit more. Now I just need to help my companion do it. He talks a ton in all lessons haha.

Anyways gotta go love ya all like SpongeBob loved bubble buddy. haha what a funny thought. 

Elder Cropper

PS: Something that has helped me with Christ is to specifically pray for help to learn the attributes and to read Jesus, the Christ. That book is sacred ground, man. I love it and you will love it as well! The beginning few chapters, before Christ´s life on earth, are hard to pass but endure to the end and you will find the GOLD! Read it, really. It will help a lot! 

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