Friday, May 2, 2014

Sister Cropper - April 1, 2014

So sorry family that my letter is one day late. My mission president likes to change things on us and switched P-day to the same day we have transfers so that is why my email is one day late!! 

So transfers happened and guess what... nothing happened! Everyone that was here in Ala 1 is staying! So I am very happy because there was a higher chance of me leaving and I was very sad because I really love this area and the ward is just wonderful. Yes, the area is very small and I will be knocking the same doors now for the 6th time but who cares because literally every transfer I have found new people. The sister before me that stayed for 6 months hated it and every one keeps asking me if I am sad but I´m not!! I´m happy because seriously the ward here is great. The ward is better than any ward that I have ever worked with. The members are so welcoming and the Bishop is so great! The Bishops I have worked with before have not been helpful, lazy, or rude! So I am grateful to stay here just because of the ward. 

Plus I get to stay with a companion I really like which is a first! I liked my trainer in Ohio but she was weird but this one here is very nice and we get along really well. 

We are shooting for a baptism this Sunday because we have faith that we will! 

Oh, yes! I am feeling a lot better. I know I freaked out a bit and I let Satan get into my head. So I read my mission journal and prayed and just told myself to get to work. We worked hard this last week and we had 2 people at church this Sunday. One was Silvana and the other was Rafaela. They both really liked church so that was happy! 

You know one of my greatest weaknesses is forgiving myself. I am a very hard person on myself and it is hard for me to let go of my past mistakes. Satan knows that and he works very hard on me to feel that I am a bad person and that I am not worthy! It happens a lot on my mission because I remember past mistakes and sins that I have repented and already talked to leaders about. I know that I am worthy but it is hard for me to move on and not feel the guilty and regret of past mistakes! That is one of the questions I am taking to conference. 

Oh! I am so excited for conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to watch the general relief society meeting last Sunday. I feel like I am turning into you, mother because I keep crying during the singing!! It was really good but I watched it in Portuguese and it is just not the same in English. This is my last GC on my mish, which is weird! I can´t believe I only have three transfers left! By the way, are you guys planning on picking me up here or do you want me to fly home and we can visit Brazil after? I know the date I will be leaving, it is September 8th. 

So we found this woman last week named Solang. It is a strange name but she is hilarious! So we knocked on her door and she came out and asked if we were JW´s, I said nope and she said okay and then walked away! Sister S and I just looked at each other. She came back and opened her gate and invited us in! We talked to her for a while and felt to share the first lesson. It was great! She already said she wanted to be a member and invited us over for lunch this next Friday! She said that she was going to go to church but then she backed out because someone was coming to visit her but we will get her this Sunday because she really liked that we have prophets and I think she will want to see what the prophet says this Sunday! 

I am a lot happier and ready to work more! I fell this last Saturday on the street. (It was actually really funny) But my ankle swelled up. We went to the doctor and nothing is broken so it is all fine. The streets in Brazil are awful so I will pay closer attention now. I trip pretty much every day so it was bound to happen that I actually fell. 

Dad- loved the mish story again! Keep them coming!! Sounds like things are getting back to normal. How are the elders that are staying in the house? You guys haven´t talked much about them recently. Do they know that they have to leave in 5 months? HAHA 

Mom- Thank you for the analogy. I love it and it is very true. I can´t believe you are storing things in my room!!!! 

Elder Cropper- Love the emails, be nicer to your companion. You´re a great trainer! Better than I could train! Have a great week! 

Anne and Michael- YAYAYAYAYAYAY!! Pictures of Jane were great! Wow she has changed so so much! I am happy too that Michael heard from the job finally. Yay! New house! But you guys can´t move until I come home because I haven´t seen the house that you are living in right now! 

Anyways, love you family! Have a great Conference week. 

Sister Cropper 

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