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Sister Cropper - April 14th

So this week was fine. I am very tired (don´t worry mom, I am sleeping well!) I think I am just tired because of stress and stuff. We worked really hard this last week to get Rafaela prepared for her baptism. For my mission, if a person who wants to be baptized is a minor, you have to get permission from the assistants to baptize them. So I had already called them the week before so I thought I would wait until after the interview this week to call again to confirm. WELL to my surprise they didn´t authorize it because that day (Friday) we received a new rule that if a young kid wants to be baptized but they are the only one being baptized in their family or if they have no relative in their family that was already baptized they have to wait three months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rafaela was really sad and we didn´t want to go over after to tell her she couldn´t be baptized yet. So after Friday, we were just sad. It was a long weekend. But all we can do is continue on. 

So Dad about what you said about thinking long for our investigators, that is a little hard. We have been trained here to baptize in 2 weeks. If a person goes to church one Sunday, the next they can be baptized. That is how our mission president wants it. Or we can wait one more week and they have to be baptized the next Saturday to be confirmed on the third domingo. So for me, its hard to think long because, I think week by week. Now we are just focusing a lot on really finding people. W found people last week, people that accept us into their homes but when we try to teach them, they don´t understand the importance. I don´t understand these people that let us into their homes but really don´t want to change. For example, we found this one woman and we invited her to church and explained the importance but she couldn´t because she was baptizing her baby yesterday!!! We try and find new people everyday and pray where we should go. When we go where we felt to go, we don´t find these elects. Or we find people we think are elect but then they end up not coming to church or just don´t care!!!! 

Sorry, I am just getting sick of lazy people that don´t want to change their lives! 

But we will continue to knock on doors, pray, and use our faith. God will show the way and show where these people are. 

We actually will have a baptism this week. Her name is Vivian and she is 16. Her cousin brought her to church and she wants to be baptized. The only problem is that her cousin doesn´t want her to be baptized yet and wants her to wait!!! It is annoying. Plus we still need to get permission from her parents but all will be well and it will happen. 

So the subject for this week is about a Gypsy that we found and taught! Haha we were knocking doors and she told us to come back another day. So we came back and it was very interesting! She is 33 and actually her cousin is a member in our ward. She knows a lot about the gospel. She has been a gypsy for 2 years. She explained to us about what gypsies believe. They do believe in God but don´t have a religion. They basically just do what they want. If she wakes up and wants to wear a different pair of earrings, go for it! If you want to cut your pants or put a little decoration on your shoes, why not?! It is just a bunch of freedom and do what ever you feel like. We told this member after that we visited his cousin and he told us that she is crazy and to not go back. Haha so we won´t go back. But she was really nice and gave us tea and crackers. 

One thing I love about Brasilians is that they are very loving and nice to strangers. Many people are very kind to us and appreciate us for the work we do, but they just don´t want to be baptized. 

There was this other man yesterday as well. We knocked on his door and he kept telling us how his church, 7th day Adventist, was the only true church. I thought to myself, well if he can say that, so can I! So I just repeated back what he was saying and said my church was church and why. He started telling us no and then said that his church was almost in all nations of the world, us as well, and said that when Christ comes, we will cry because we will know our church wasn´t right. Haha, I just igualmente (equally)! Basically, igualmente means the same to you!! Haha he was crazy. 

So anyways, good week, next week will be better because we are finally going to the TEMPLE!!! I am very very very very very very excited. Also this weekend is Easter and there are some other holidays of brasil so I may not have p-day next Monday. Just a warning. 

Love you all family! 

Sister Cropper 

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