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Sister Cropper - April 7, 2014 "I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you."

So the quote today is from Elder Neil Anderson´s talk! I loved his talk and thought it was great. So conference was wonderful and really fun. It was weird to think that it is my last conference! Ah! Next one I will be home with you guys! .

So dad- I really liked option 2. I already sent you an email about that but I think it is perfect and it would be really fun to go home like everyone else does. So yes option 2. 

So we worked hard for a baptism this week but guess what.... yesterday it fell. Arg! We were so sad. So we worked with Rafaela for her to be baptized. We found out that she and her mother have never been baptized. So we invited her and she said yes! We passed by Saturday and she was still excited and good. She was staying at a friend´s house this weekend but was coming back Sunday afternoon to watch conference and then be baptized. But she called during the first conference (I missed Elder Bednar´s talk) all sad because her boyfriend broke up with her and she didn´t feel ready. I talked with her and she changed her mind and she she was ready. But then when we passed by her house and tried to call her, she never answered her phone. But my zone leaders told us to continue on and baptize her this next sunday. 

We also have this other girl that is dating a guy in our ward and she has been to church three times and really likes church so we are going to baptize her as well. 

We need to find a lot more people. We are finding people but they aren´t elects so we are praying a lot and we will find them! 

I don´t know there isn´t much to say about this last week. Things are normal. My companion and I are doing good and we get a long really well. We have a lot of fun and it is fun to learn and grow together. She wants to have more faith. She shares a lot with me that it is hard for her to have a lot of faith becuase she recognizes that people have agency so sometimes she lets inimigo in to let her think that despite her faith they will still choose what they want. But I explained to her yesterday that our faith will affect them because Heavenly Father has more power than the devil and so our faith will help them with their choices! 

So my favorite talks from Conference: 

Neil Anderson! Sometimes (I should be chastised) I don´t like his talks but this one was really good! It was funny because in this session about 4 speakers mentioned Helama 5:12 and I had used that scripture Saturday morning during our lunch with the member! I really liked the direction he gave the emphasis on the Book of Mormon. 

Russell M. Nelson! I had asked to know more about faith and also for my companion so this talk was great to hear. I liked how he mentioned how we could show our faith more! I loved the fact how he testified about truth and that wrong will never be right! That is something that I even can see is happening more in this world. There is so much wrong that is seen as normal and right. It is so sad. It is hard to defend and remind people what is truth because they are so blinded but something that Richard G. Scott said is that we need to be more courageous (and also Elder Anderson) and stand for what is right. 

Robert D. Hales! I really liked how he mentioned the blessings of obedience and the power that obedience has. 

W. Craig Zwick! I loved the story. It was really interesting that he used both persceptives of him and his wife especially because neither were wrong. I liked it because I sometimes do need to express my side of the story more with my companion and learn to work out differences. I always have a worry that if I say something, we wil argue and I hate doing that. But I am learning to work through that. 

M. Russell Ballard! I just loved his stories and that he followed up! Especially because I remember his last talk and his invite to invite friends to church and I think it was great that he followed up because we do that everyday. 

I missed Elder Bednar´s talk but while I have been typing, I listened to it! Man!! It was great. What a great lesson from the truck adn what a poerful usage of the atonement. I loved how he reminded us that our personal weaknesses and regrets can also be healed by the atonement. What a great talk!! 

Thomas S. Monson! What a great talk from the prophet. I like how he talked about charity because it is true, without it we cannot live with God again and we are nothing. 

I really liked Boyd K. Packer´s Some of it was hard to understand but I really liked when he said, "Of all the names Heavenly Father could have chosen, He chose Father."

I liked L. Tom Perry because he talked about the Spirit. That was another question I had and so it was great to recieve instruction about that. 

I also missed D. Todd Christofferson because of our baptism but I will read that later. I am not sure if it was good. My one friend told me he just was reading from the bible. Haha but I usually like his as well so we will have to wait on that one. 

Anyways, Conference was great! I loved it and wish every weekend could be conference! I pretty much liked all of the talks! I hope everyone had a great week and that this week will be even better. 

Love you all, 

Sister Cropper 

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