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Sister Cropper - March 24, 2014

Dear Family:
So this week was good but things always can be better. Every week I am happy because I know I have done my part but at the same time I get very sad and I have been a little sad the past few days because I know I can be doing better. There are things that I still can correct. One thing really is lunch. Some sisters take so long to make lunch! They tell us when to arrive but when we arrive it seems as though they just began to make it and it takes 30 more minutes for them to make it!! 

I am a little frustrated because we have been praying a lot to find families. Well this week we found three families but none of them came to church. I am so super bummed. I maybe cried a little yesterday!! 

It is not even that but that I know we have been obedient and when we have fallen off the obedient path, we´ve repented and gotten back up but the other sisters I live with continue to be disobedient and they have way more success than us! They had a baptism yesterday and 6 investigators at church. But they (more than once this past week) arrive after 9:30 at night, leave after 10:00 in the morning, don´t follow the morning schedule (at least one companion), etc.! I am very annoyed!! I know I am not perfect and I know we can be more obedient as well but when I see that they are being openly disobedient and having more success, eu fico com riva!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I am just very sad and then at the same time I get to be very hard on myself and blame myself for not being a better missionary, for letting myself get distracted, etc. I never wanted regrets on my mission but I feel here that I do have some regrets (in Brazil) and that I am not doing everything I can. I feel that if I was doing everything I could, I would see the fruits of my labors and it wouldn´t be so hard. Especially because it is so easy for the other sisters to get people to church but for me, it has always been somewhat of a challenge. Sorry I am having a bit of a debby downer time!!! 

So anyways, we found three families and it was awesome! This one already had been to church where she lived a year ago. She wants to be baptized really bad and we taught the first lesson and she really liked it but one she lives with her boyfriend (she knows this is wrong and they are planning to get married) and two, she traveled all of a sudden on Saturday so she couldn´t go to church!! But we are going back this week to work with her. 

Another family has a few other problems. Her name is Kelly and she has two little kids. Her husband used to use drugs but has stopped. She goes to church sometimes but doesn´t really like the church she goes to. She also left to go to her mother´s house Sunday so she couldn´t go to church. 

The other family we found has some problems. Her 16 year old daughter left about 20 days ago and hasn´t come back. Her mom doesn´t know where she is or anything. The police don´t do anything here so she is left on her own to go find her daughter. She already received a blessing and we invited the mom and daughters to church. The mom works on Sunday from 7:30 to 3:00 so she can´t come to church but the one daughter said she would go and was all excited but when our member passed by the next day to walk with her, she said she didn´t feel well and couldn´t go. We offered her a ride to church but she still refused!!!! 

So difficulties but we will continue on! During church I was praying and reading my scriptures and I found and interesting part in D&C 136:29-42. It helped me feel better and that I just need to continue moving forward. 

Plus I cannot complain too much because yesterday, one of my converts gave her first talk and the other blessed the sacrament for the first time! Fruits of my labors. 

So now some rules changed in the mish. We can use the Book of Mormon and hand it out in the first lesson! Wahoo! Plus a person cannot be baptized if they won´t commit to stop smoking, drinking, using drugs, etc. So that is all very interesting and exciting. Oh and we have to wait three weeks to baptize now. 

It is getting to be cold here, like fall, which is great! I am happy to have cold! 

Anyways, I hope you all have a great week! I love you all. 

Sister Cropper 

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