Monday, May 26, 2014

Sister Cropper - May 26, 2014

Dear Family:

Inverno (winter) has arrived in Curitiba and it is COLD. It is rainy and cold and rainy and cold. But we just drink lots of chá (tea) and chocolate quente (hot chocolate!) Things are fine in the Jardim but just like before, we always have our difficulties. This ward is just a mess sometimes! Yesterday we only had 65 people at church. This isn´t a ward! I may have cried a little yesterday. We had some awesome people lined up to go to church that we had talked to Saturday. But when we passed by Sunday, they were nowhere in sight. We called, passed by but nothing. AH! I was so frustrated. I hate it when I feel that I have done everything I possibly can and it still doesn´t work out. But we did have people at church. Two couples that have to get married but they are both awesome. The sad thing is that it doesn´t count for they and us can´t be baptized the next week. 

But yesterday was a very good day. My companion and I were sad about things and it was very cold and it was raining too. But we worked and had many miracles. The best part of yesterday was the Spirit that we had in us. Each lesson and person we taught, had a very strong spirit. I think that we felt very humble yesterday because of things and so it helped us be more in tune with the spirit. Yesterday we found this other couple that the man had suffered so much in his childhood and felt abandoned by God and just gave up on trusting in Heavenly Father. My companion and I talked a lot about the atonement and explained that he was never alone. That when times were hard, God sent angels to help him (we felt inspired to say that). I used the scripture in 1 cor. 10:13 that talks that God won´t give us more temptations than we can bare. I explained that he won; he passed through the trials and depression that he had. The spirit was strong and they are interested in coming to church. 

We have this other couple that we found who are just hilarious. Their names are Ana Paula and Edivan. They came to church last week and it was kind of a mess last week so we decided to visit them later during the week because I thought maybe they didn´t like church. Well they ended up calling US one day because they were sad that we hadn´t passed by and then also made us lunch last Friday. They are super funny and I really love them. They came yesterday as well and were super involved. They told us that the day we knocked on their door, they didn´t want to let us in and Ana told Edivan to say that they were Catholic but we got in and shared our message and it was a miracle. They said that that week, they had decided they wanted to start going to a church again. When we gave them the BOM, Edivan opened it up and found Ether 4:1, which talks how this book is sacred, and that the work of the Lord is beginning. It was cool. 

So this next week will be good, there will be miracles. My one friend Sister D, who actually returned from the mish, gave me some good advice that when I am being obedient, I can demand blessings and miracles from God. Sometimes I forget that!! I know you taught me that as well, Mom. So they will be lots of obedience and miracles this week. 

Dad- so depends on the person but Brazilians are just like Americans because studying is important for a lot of people here. My companion was studying English before and she is super smart. I actually like bragging to people how smart my companion is because she is humble and doesn´t tell people. She wants to get her Ph.D. in English and letters. But sounds like things are going well. I hope you guys have a great week. Thanks for the spiritual thought. The GA was a Brazilian. Elder Torgan.

Love you all, 

Sister Cropper 

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