Monday, June 2, 2014

Sol Milagres and official Crazy Cat Lady! Sister Cropper - June 2, 2014

So the title of this email is in Portuguese and it means, only miracles. 

This last week was good. We still had some difficulties with members but it is good because I am also learning how to be even better. Dad, you mentioned about loving the members more. I am trying to do that! I passed by them more and talked with them. One thing that I do love about this ward is the testimonies. My last ward and this ward always have had great testimonies; especially this ward. If the rest of church is bogus, at least testimony meeting makes it up and more. It was full of people wanting to bear these testimonies and they were super forte. Also it is neat because a lot of members talk with our investigators and encourage them to continue learning and testify. So even though they can´t come and teach with us, at least they make it up for sharing a great testimony! 

So we knocked on a lot of doors this week. One of the strange people we talked to was a real official crazy cat lady. Her house was pretty nasty and she has 9 cats. She told us that her cats call her mom. She then asked me if I knew that cats could talk. I almost started to laugh but I was able to respond and say no that I didn´t! We just said a quick prayer with her because she wasn´t really interested. 

So not much happened this week with Ana e Edivan. They weren´t able to go to church this last week because their son has been pretty sick. 

But we have this other woman who is really really golden! Her name is Edineia. She has prayed many times before to know what church was true and what she can do. She has felt confused and a lot like Joseph Smith. We showed her the video this last week and she wanted us to find it for her on the internet in order that she could show her family! She wasn´t sure if she could go to church this sunday but we talked to her a lot and she came! She really liked it a lot. 

So Sunday during the sacrament, I was praying and I just specifically asked (like I have many times before) who we need to baptize, who is actually ready. Well, in that same moment, after I ended my prayer, our district leader (who shares the same capela) came in to show a new family that lives in our ward. The woman is a member but her boyfriend wants to be baptized and they will get married!! They just moved here. So the Lord answered my prayer in a way I did not know! That always happens. The Lord works in mysterious ways. 

So the man that felt abandoned by God, we invited him and his family to church and he was super super excited. But when we passed by, he wasn´t there. We called later and he said that they slept in late! Arg! 

We had a lot of lessons this week. 36 but I definitely think we can improve. Especially listening to the spirit on who is really elect or not so we don´t waste our time. I am learning every day how to be better. I am definitely not the best missionary but I am grateful that Heavenly Father is helping me become better. I finished Jacob this last week and I am sad because it is my favorite book in the BOM. Chapter 7 talks all about how Jacob was a great missionary. Read it. 

So some big changes are happening! We are having a special stake conference this next Sunday. Someone from the area presidency is coming to make some big changes. Our stake here is pretty weak. Only 5 wards and every ward is struggling with frequency. I think we may combine with another ward in the same capela or we may receive another strong ward in our stake! I am excited because these wards need some help. 

Dad- There are banners everywhere of the Brasil Flag!! It is going to crazy but fun. It sounds like your week was really good. Good for you guys to have so many activities in our home! You guys are great examples! 

Elder Cropper- You are awesome! What a cool experience with your mission president! I would like the same thing! 

Hope you all have a great week!! 


Sister Cropper