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"An Embarrassment to the World" Sister Cropper - July 14, 2014

Dear Family:

I think spelled embarrasment wrong. Dang it, I can´t spell anymore! 

So as you guys know, Brasil played awful this last week because they did! Lost 7-1 with Germany and 3-0 with Holland (called Orlando in portuguese!) It was the only thing people were talking about this last week. Brasilians were really embarrassed. Tadinho. But life moves on and thank goodnesss the cup is over so that we can work everyday. But I did like the time that we had to study. I read lots of conference talks. 

This last week was good. Andrielle doesn´t have a son so I don´t know what happened last week! But it is a problem because Andrielle moved back with Jailson and now they are both living in sin and baptized. Plus she isn´t living in our area anymore so we can´t even talk with her. Lots of people we teach like the lie to us and tell us they will do things but don´t. 

But we found some Haitians! They are super cool and speak lots of languages. We teach them in English and Portuguese. They are here for work. Three of them went to church yesterday and really liked it. We will baptize them. 

It was a little frustrating this last week because we had a ton of people set up to go to church. But when we passed by yesterday morning, no one was up and answered. 

Conceição is good but she didn´t come to church yesterday because she decided to go to another. She is cool but she can´t be baptized because of some past things she did. It´s a little complicated but she can´t be baptized for a while! She is neat but we will see. 

On Saturday, we were visiting some people in the morning and got to a point which we didn´t know what to do. So we were going to try and call someone. At first we were walking to one phone but I remembered we were close to another, so we went a different way. We saw one of our investigators and began talking with her outside when all of a sudden this man was behind us! He asked us if we were JW´s, I said NO. Then he asked if were Adventista, again said, NO. We explained who we were and he said, "Exactly who I am looking for!" So basically, a friend gave him a book from our church and he loved it. He went to church the sunday before (in the wrong ward) and loved it. He told us he wants to continue going! He lives in our area (maybe we followed him home). He actually didn´t want to tell us his address because he lives with people that are very religious and don´t want to change religion. He started on a search for religion because he had a stroke (he is a little older). He is a nice guy and we will see what happens. We explained to him where the ward is but he didn´t go to church yesterday. Bummer. Interesting how the Lord puts us in the place where we always need to be. 

So this next week will be good. It is starting to get colder here but it isn´t too bad. Yesterday was my mission president´s b-day so we are doing a suprise b-day party for him. All the missionaries (except Ponta Grossa (I think)) are meeting at a church building and we are bringing foood to share. I will make brownies. 

Dad- Thanks for the letter. It was good to see that your week was good. Thanks for the forgiveness!!! I will ponder about what you said! Also, loved the picture. Almost began crying because I miss you guys! 

Mom- Mother, I will be ever grateful for the recipes!!! Brownies turned out great and the member was SOOOOOO excited when I made them for her and gave her the recipe. You just made one Brasilian woman very very happy. Cool that our whole house can have electricity. People here put tanks of gas in their home. It is really dangerous but very convenient to have gas right there. 

Anne- HOLY FRICKIN´ COW. What a beautiful home that you have! And thanks for the cute pictures of Jane. She is so big!! Thanks for writing about your friends. Aw. I know how you feel. It is just like a missionary companion. We become good friends and then leave and are never sure that you will see them again. Stay strong! 

Sam- Glad you had a better week and that transfers went well. Miss you tons and I am so proud of you!!! 

So I have been taking the Ensign from our ward building. In the library, they have tons of old Ensigns in English. I began to read the General Conference from May of 1988! It was cool and I found a poem I really liked:

Who does God´s work will get God´s pay,
However long may seem the day, 
However weary be the way. 
No mortal hand, God´s hand can stay, 
He may not pay as other´s pay, 
In gold, or lands, or raiment´s gay,
In goods that perish and decay; 
But God´s high wisdom knows a way,
And this is sure, let come what may-
Who does God´s work will get
God´s pay. 
From a talk from Ezra Taft Benson

I really liked this poem. 

Hope you all have a great and wonderful week!! 


Sister Cropper 

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