Sunday, July 20, 2014

Elder Cropper - July 14, 2014

So Germany won, I knew they would. 

This week was a pretty good week. Jenny came to Church and she said she love it. We made sure we brought lots of members with us to the lessons with her. She’s got a lot of people she knows in the church she she’s ready to go. We have changes this Wednesday and I probably will go to I might not see her baptism, but that’s ok. 

This week i got a little sick, and I still am a little sick. Just a lot of stomach pains. It was hurting me a lot but now its not so bad. It comes in waves of 8 hours or so. I hope it goes away, haha i get depressed when i am sick lol and i don’t like that. 

I had divisions with my Zone Leader Elder Mickelson this last Friday. He’s a great friend we know each other from La Serena. Sadly he was with me right when I got sick. I was so sick that I called the new mission nurse asking her what i should do. She gave me some ideas but told me I couldn’t go home because I wasn’t sick enough =(. haha I hung up the phone and was just like....ummm.....well just lost all hope in the world, how am i going to get through this day feeling like I do and not die. Well I drank some Gatorade (one of the things she told me to do) asked for a blessing from Elder Mickelson, and then decided to have faith in the blessing, and the words of Sister Cluff telling me that I wasn’t sick enough to go back and rest (even though I totally was, I mean come on people I know my body) anyways we walked out the door and literally with every step I felt better and better. After walking for 5 min I felt like basically 100 percent again. It was bizarre and a miracle. The only down side was that Saturday night it came back and last night as well. Don’t really know what’s up but whatever. Hopefully I don’t die.

I forgot to mention it in my letters but the sister missionaries had two baptisms, one two weeks ago and the other last week. I as the DL have to interview them and they both asked me to baptize them. It was kind of funny. One is named Isabell--she’s like 80. And then other is Lorena--she’s like 50. They are both really nice and funny. It was cool to baptize again.

My converts here in Olmué, the Soto family, had a very difficult weekend. They basically ran out of money (they have already received help from the church before) Money from a health license they thought they would receive got delayed in the mail so they had nothing. The Bishop ended up helping them even though that have received a lot of money from the Church already.

Not a lot of news this week. We have transfers and I think I’m gone so I’ll probably be writing you guys from a different place. Stay tuned.

Love you guys,

Elder Cropper

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