Monday, July 28, 2014

Sister Cropper - July 28, 2014

Dear Family:


So the time has come. My last transfer has arrived. I am completely scared! So anyways, transfer are happening Tuesday and nothing is happening here! 

I am staying here in Jardim Bot├ónico with my companion! We are happy. We have a great relationship and I am glad she will be the one to send me off. But we both have a feeling that there will be an emergency transfer during this next transfer. My mission president likes to transfer people for no reason at all so we are pretty sure that is going to happen. 

Last week was really good. We had a baptism yesterday! It was a blessing and miracle. But it is hard not to be sad because we had three set up to be baptised but two of them fell. One because he told us he had to go to this meeting at the last minute Sunday and couldn´t go to church so he couldn´t be baptized. And the other at the last minute was all freaked out to be baptized because of his girlfriend that doesn´t even live here. He told us that it is hard for him to resist having sexual relations with her and that when she comes, he wil most likely do it with her. We explained about the doctrine again to him and focused on repentance but he just flat out freaked out and didn´t want to be baptized! We explained to him that the Holy Ghost would be there to help him resist temptation. We read 1 Cor. 10:13, Isaiah 30: 21, Alma 39, and a ton of other scriptures but he didn´t listen. I was very frustrated. 

But we arleady have a baptismal date for next Sunday so there is nothing to complain. We had three new people at church yesterday. We have been blessed here and we will continue on working. 

The baptism we had was great! Oldolphe is from Haiti. He is super hilarious and fun. We talked about baptism with him last Monday and he got super excited and talked about how when we are baptised we are officially called Christ´s children and he got super excited. So it was a really good baptism and he will be confirmed next week. 

It is really surreal to think that this is my last transfer. I am very sad. This morning during personal study, I began to cry because I am so sad to think it is coming to an end! I do love my mission, despite the challenges. I haven´t been perfect but one thing that my mission leaders always tell us to not focus on the past but to focus on what we can change in the future! 

So I will be always changing the future everyday, I am grateful for all the prayers! 

Mom- I cracked up when you told me how you are just lounging around. When I get home, we can lounge together. You guys are so awesome about that activity! Keep it going! But also prepare the missionaries, because when I get back, I will be helping out with the work! 

Dad- I glad you had a great weeek. Thank you for the spiritual thought. I loved it. I have studied about that but it was a great reminder. Have a good week! 

Sam- You are awesome and you will clean the mess all up! 

Anne and Michael- Love you and hope you have a great week. 

Love you all! 

Sister Cropper 

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