Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sister Cropper - July 7

Dear Family:

So I feel like it´s been years since I have talked with you guys. So funny. This last week was good. To tell you guys about the world cup, the only crazy stuff is during and after the game that same day. The other days we work are the same, nothing changes and so it hasn´t been hard to work. It only is a little annoying the days when Brasil plays because we have to be in the house during the jogo and after. Like you guys saw, with my last p-day, we had to stay in the whole day and sometimes the jogo occurs twice in the same week. But it will end this Sunday! Plus the jogo is at night so people come to church. 

So like I said, this last week was really good but yesterday we had two really awesome miracles. Like amazing. So saturday night we were talking and I felt that this lat week wasn´t the same as before. I asked my companion what we could have done differently and we both felt our faith wasn´t the same and our desire had dwindled a little as well. So we decided we needed to really excercise more of our faith. We had fasted the week before so Ilson (it is actually Ilson and not Wilson!) could be baptized (he was!) but because it was fast sunday yesterday, I felt we should fast. Well also, Andrielle, last week, was no where to be seen. We passed by several times a day to talk with her and confirm about receiving the Holy Ghost but she was never there! We even tried to find her work which ended up not happening. So we were really worried about her and the people we had confirmed to come to church with us, couldn´t go. Plus Ilson was working a lot and we couldn´t confirm about church with him. But I prayed to Heavenly Father on satuday and said, "look, I have faith that all will go well, I have done everything that I could´ve and I am asking that thou wilt put more faith where my faith isn´t enough and I am putting everything in thy hands." Well Sunday morning, Andrielle wasn´t there but Ilson was all ready for church! At church, Rosicler and her son arrived late and we left to show her son where to go and Andrielle was there! I still don´t know how she got to church but really Pai Celestial did it because it was a miracle. 

Another miracle was with an investigator that was at church yesterday. She hadn´t received her salary yet and so she didn´t have money for the bus to go to church. We told her not to worry about it. We showed her this video that we received from our mission (they gave us a dvd to show videos to help investigators with different difficulties). The video talks about a family that had very little money but received a miracle and had money enough to go to church. Well during church on sunday, Conçeição (that is her name), was putting her cell phone in her jacket pocket during RS. She felt something weird, and found 50 reais! Truly a miracle! She told us after that it was a miracle and was exactly like the video that we had shown her the night before. 

Thanks for all the letters! I am glad everything was fun at the wedding! Haha, I completely forgot friday was july 4th! Thanks for the compliments but I am not the best missionary. There are people here that baptize 14 people in a transfer. But I am eternally graeful for the blessings, miracles, and lessons I have learned on my mission. I am trying to make everyday worth it. My time is running so short and I pray everyday that I am learning and doing everything that Pai Celestial wants me to learn. 

Love you all family!! 

Até próxima semana! 

Sister Cropper  

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