Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sister Cropper - August 25 (Next week will be her last email from Brazil)

Ugh, this week was good but also long. Lots of stuff happened. 

First we started off the week well and then got a call from the Assitants that we were going to the temple on Wednesday morning!!! So mom and dad! When you were at the temple, so was I!!! 

It was a great session. Really good. Sister Monteiro, (in the celestial room) kept crying! We had the largest group of sisters going home. There are ten sisters going home and only four elders. Kind of cool, huh. 

Plus Wednesday morning, me and my comp got there early for the session and were the first missionaries. President was there and he decided to do my last interview. IT WAS ALL ABOUT MARRIAGE! ARG!! So Michael, be happy. Maybe you will get a new brother-in-law sooner than you thought! 

He first told me how I was an excellent missionary and how my parents must be very proud of me. He said that I have done an excellent work and that he doesn´t give the same speech to every single missionary. 

He told me three key indicators that if a young man has these three things, I will not suffer in my marriage. 

1. A strong testimony that is shown through church service. He said to ask him what calling he has, if he doesn´t have one, then ask what families he visits in mestre familiar. Ask if he visited all of them, who they are, what are their needs, etc. Very interesting...
2. If he is a hard worker. 
3. Has the spirit of leadership. 

Then his own counsel was about the Book of Mormon. Always have the Book of Mornon in reach. He said that I need to read with my family, the Book of Mormon, every day. He said that his family reads before they leave the house (which is at 6:30 in the morning). Sometimes it is very busy in the morning and he said they at least sing a hymn, read a verse or two and pray together. They have done that since their children were babies. 

Very interesting the counsel he gave. I enjoyed the interview. 

So this last week was good but hard. Very tiring. We are just trying to find the right people and it isn´t happening!! The Lord is testing my patience! WE pray for guidance during the day but we haven´t felt anything. But we will continue!! We will make this week even better. 

Grateful for the letters!!! 

Mom- Loved hearing about the state fair! Loved it!! Wish I could´ve been there because it sounded great and really fun. Next year, first in line for sure! Edu week sounded great as well. How cool. hm Also I gave my going home talk yesterday in this ward! It was funny.

Dad- Loved hearing about the fair as well. Loved the spiritual thought! Wow cool stuff! I want to be sancitified!!! 

Sam- You rock, keep rocking it! 

Anne and Michael- Thanks for the letter!! Knew you were pregnant!! Knew it!! 

Sorry, I am running out of time! Love you all and hope this week will be great! 


Sister Cropper 

Sister Cropper Comes Home on September 9, 2014

Curitiba, August 27, 2014

Dear Brother and Sister Cropper,      

We would like to inform you that Sister Cropper will be departing from our mission.  A copy of Sister Cropper´s Flight Itinerary is included.

You should be very proud of your missionary for the excellent work Sister Cropper has accomplished in the Brazil Curitiba Mission. We have come to love and appreciate her and will miss her very much. We join with many people in Brazil in thanking Sister Cropper for the selfless service that she has rendered them. 

We want you to know that we are grateful to have served with Sister Cropper.  We feel like she is part of our family.

Sister Cropper has been instructed to report to her stake president as soon as she arrives home in order to be officially released from her mission. May the Lord bless you as you once again enjoy her back in your presence.

Warmest Regards,

President Anderson Machado Monteiro

Enc:  Flight Itinerary                                      

Elder Cropper - August 25th

SO good week we have two people with baptismal dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ugh long time, anyways so a lot happened this week I’ll go through days.

Monday: We had a zone activity it went really well. I got my haircut, which is always an annoying thing to have to do in Chile. I’ve never received a good haircut while being here. 

Tuesday: Normal day

Wednesday: District meeting which was chill. The last district meeting for 2 sisters in our district. Lots of food, which was cool. President called us in the middle of the meeting because he wanted to talk about doing limits to a sector in the zone.(Changing the boundaries of a sector). Neither of us knew the sector very well so we rushed to a computer and figured it out from Google maps. We had splits Wednesday I was with a new missionary named Elder R from California. He’s a nice guy and seems like he’s going to be a good missionary. I always feel so blessed on splits because I feel this huge pressure to like rock the day and accomplish a ton to show the missionary that it’s possible to have success on the mission, and even though its an unsure thing if we are going to have success or not that day on the split we always do (hand of God)

Thursday: Ended the split and started to work like a normal day. The district leaders in our zone went south to Viña for a training meeting so at the end of the day we bought them some food (because they stayed at our house because its the closest to the bus station) and we made them some nummy delicious (nummy delicious is not a real food its just a describing word). It was fun to stay up late and make sure they got on their bus. We played UNO. 

Friday: Crazy day. Elder J wanted to go do that display stand in the morning (the stand is that sign thing that we use that has cool questions and we set it up and people come talk to us.) Well I was feeling that we needed to just go and work like a normal day in our sector and be sure to invite people to the ward activity that we were going to have in the night. Elder J felt strongly about doing the stand so we did it. Well the first crazy thing that happened is that it started tor rain which doesn’t happen much in Chile. Then a dog came over and started urinating on our sign haha that was pretty stupid, I was just like “come on!” Then while we were taking down the stand one of the plastic poles fee\ll from Elder J’s grasp and feel into a city vent in the sidewalk (the pole was lost to man forever) so now we can’t even use the stand, and then afterword’s there was this crazy guy trying to make money who was dressed up as the predator from Alien versus the Predator (its a movie) and he was screaming things like “where is my wife!” It was pretty funny. Anyway he clearly was doing it to make money because he had a bowl thing that he was shaking and people were giving him money. He would stop cars and scare the people--it was pretty crazy. Anyway Elder J leaned over to me and said he probably lost a bet so I started laughing at that and these two people next to us started getting made at us because they thought we were judging the man. They were thinking “you guys are Mormon and your laughing at that man!’ I was thinking to myself “yeah and so is everyone else, he’s doing this to get money.” Well in the end I didn’t say anything back to them they just looked at us angry and we walked away. We shouldn’t have used the display stand that morning haha. 

That night we had the ward activity, it was a talent activity. Elder J and I had not planned anything but then in the last minute we decided to do one of those sound effects acts like they do from “Whos Line Is It Anyways?” Elder J did the noises from of the stage and I acted. We showed the day in the life of a missionary, and everyone loved it. Like they really loved it--it was kinda crazy! That night we stayed up again with the companions of the district leaders while they waited for their companions to come back from Viña in the night. We played cards and had a nerf gunfight. I’ll take an excuse to stay up later then usual any day (we obviously had permission to stay up later from the assistants)

Saturday: We were pretty tired but we just had a normal day of work.

Sunday: Normal day as well. 

Anyway so there’s my week. I’m doing well. We have changes this week but I don’t think I’ll go or at least I hope not because I haven’t baptized in this sector yet. I’d like to stay with Elder J still because he’s my best friend and even though its hard working with your best friend I’d like to perfect our companionship a little more. 

Thanks for all of the letters. Love you guys.

Elder Cropper

Pictures from Sister Cropper

Sister Cropper - August 18

So as I have said before, lots of miracles happen on the mish and this last week was another example. 

Oh my goodness. Talk about a week of emotions. So our couple who got married almost did not get married! They were fighting a lot and got to the day before when they decided to separate. I spent the whole day crying because I was so sad! We went by and talked with them and tried to help but left thinking that they were going to separate. But then Sinara called that night and said they had talked it over and some things we had said helped change their minds. 

Then Friday morning it came that they were still going over a few bumps. That morning we had started filling the font and then we called Sinara to know officially what was happening. She said that she would call him but that we needed to pray! So I began praying really hard. 

Oh back to last week when I said that I felt I needed to repent is about obedience. Don´t worry I am being obedient! But it is the small things that also
count. It is really turning our will over to the Lord´s and doing to things that we need to do when it is the Lord´s time and not ours. 

So I began repenting even harder for my past sins and praying that all would work out after we talked to Sinara. My companion said I prayed for ten minutes! Ha! So Sinara then called about 15 minutes after and asked if we had prayed! I said YES! And she said that the Lord did miracles and that they were going to be married and he would be baptized!!! So we hurried and called our L de D and he came to interview. They were married after and had the baptism that same night!!! 

We were pooped out on Saturday. 

We worked to find our family and other people that are interested in going to church but still the Lord is testing our patience and endurance. So we didn´t have anyone at church. That was a bummer. But we will work and make sure we can baptize not this sunday but the next. 

All is good and we are happy! Hope you all have a wonderful day. I love reading all our your letters. 

Mom-  We just have some fun ideas about activities and some members have good ideas for finding more people. Your trip sounds like so much fun! I wish I could be there! Mom - I would totally get up early to go to the Fair!!! If I was there, I would. But it is your choice so you have to make the decision. I hope you have a great week! Oh and I got the Minnesota State Fair package! Loved it!! Thank you so much!!!! 

Dad- I do want to go to Canada! I have never been to Quebec so yes I do want to go!! Sounds like the week was good. Thank you for the prayers. I like that spiritual thought. Christ says the same thing in the Sermon on the Mount about where your treasure is, there is your reward. Very interesting. 
Love you! 

Anne and Michael! You guys wrote!! Thanks!!! Loved the letters and Michael - I count you as a brother so any thing you say has lots of value! I am glad you guys are well and life is working out. Anne- stop freaking out! Be grateful!!! Love you all and happy 5th anniversary! Michael- we will see when I get married.... hm

Sambo- I hope you are feeling better and are not sick!!! Being sick always makes life harder and missionary work tough. Ask Heavenly Father for help and to give blessings and eleitos even when your time is short. 

Love you all and hope you have a great week! AGH only two more p-days left (after this one)!!!

Sister Cropper 

Elder Cropper - August 18, 2014

Well I had a better week this week. President didn’t like our report from last week and he wrote me some not happy things about it. I feel stressed out when that happens, but he’s right. I just don’t like it when I feel like he’s disappointed.

I took more of the lead this week. It was hard but I did it and we had a better week. The numbers still weren’t what I wanted but they were better. The sector is just being a little hard, but I’m going to keep focusing more and being more obedient because its really what’s needed. Like Dad said to me about closing I just need to set some goals and work on them until I complete them. I think I could do that a lot better. 

Mom- That’s cool that so many are coming to institute. I’m sure your awesome classes help a lot. I know how you feel about the drunk dude. I get tired of drunk people and there are a lot here. Have fun at Edu week! 

Dad- The bus thing was fine it was just because i was sick that it was annoying. I think you’re right about success thing I think i need to look for that more actively.

Mary- You go home in 3 weeks which is a little crazy and hard for me think about lol. Keep workin hard and make sure you work untill the end. Last time to be a missionary. 

Anne and Michael- Thanks for writing me les agradezco. I cant write things in english so i write it in spanish. The things you said Michael are very wise and I think true in my case. Oh wise one. Anne your food storage thing is a great idea! Do it. I’m totally gonna watch some Disney movies with Jane when I get home. 

So we had a zone activity today. We ate food and played dodge ball it was really fun. We shared a video on the atonement and missionary work.  

So I hit my head on a door this week it was my fault haha. well the door cut me and it started bleeding. Now I have a cool looking scar cut right where my eyebrow is. My body is falling apart. I tell people that my companion has been hitting me. There’s is a running theme of medical problems with Elder Cropper every week. 

Well I don’t really have much more to say. Just know that I’m doing well. Life’s good, mission rocks but it’s hard. 

Love you all,

Elder Cropper