Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Elder Cropper - August 11th

So this week was a little hard and also interesting. Im sick...again. Elder J and I have decided that My body is just falling apart. I have or had the flu. I actually think I still have it. The worst was Wednesday night when my fever go to 101.5 or something like that. This week or water heater thing got fixed, we had to stay in our house awhile because we didn’t know if we could leave the guy alone in our house fixing something (I don’t know if I agreed with that call) Friday we went down to ViƱa just like when I went before in La serena. The trip isn’t as cool as it used to be. We sit now in a different part of the bus that’s not the more expensive tickets. The assistants don’t pick us up anymore we have to walk. And we don’t have time to shower before the meeting--kind of a bummer. I felt better for the meeting which was nice but obviously a 6 hour bus ride both ways so 12 in total and not getting much sleep (because in the end you still wake up at 7 in the morning) contributed to me to getting sick again. So Sunday (yesterday) I was in the house just sleeping. It was nice to sleep.

Well anyways in the end it was frustrating because our numbers were terrible this week. I didn’t like that I was sick again because it’s hard to be obedient when you are sick. Frustrating.. With our sector and our companionship I’ve just kind of decided to take charge. Having it be a “me follow Elder J,” or us work it out together just really isn’t working. I think i need to take more of a presence and now I can because I know the sector more. Before I was just following Elder J around. Elder J has one more change than I do so he’ll end his mission in December--the tail end of December. Elder J is trunky because he hasn’t baptized in a long time. I just need to be more rock solid and everything will work out. I’ve learned on the mission that I’m not a very rock solid or diligent person. I don’t really finish things. I get really excited and then bum out. Don’t really know how to fix that one. I feel like I’ve written about this before hand.

So the Friday meeting we had was interesting. Our zone had the highest amount of baptisms so president had us present how we did it. Our zone is now for sure the biggest in the mission. Lots of names to remember. 

All of the Elderes who are ZLs now are A pluses. They are rock stars every single one of them. The new generation of missionaries (the ones who are like 6 months younger or even more then my group are just awesome) All of my friends are now ZLs so it was fun to see them again. I feel weird being one of the Older ZLs, we got nothing on the new guys.

So that’s what happened this week. Hopefully I will continue to get better in the sense of not being sick, and that this week will be more success-filled. 

Love you all,

Elder Cropper

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