Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Elder Cropper - August 18, 2014

Well I had a better week this week. President didn’t like our report from last week and he wrote me some not happy things about it. I feel stressed out when that happens, but he’s right. I just don’t like it when I feel like he’s disappointed.

I took more of the lead this week. It was hard but I did it and we had a better week. The numbers still weren’t what I wanted but they were better. The sector is just being a little hard, but I’m going to keep focusing more and being more obedient because its really what’s needed. Like Dad said to me about closing I just need to set some goals and work on them until I complete them. I think I could do that a lot better. 

Mom- That’s cool that so many are coming to institute. I’m sure your awesome classes help a lot. I know how you feel about the drunk dude. I get tired of drunk people and there are a lot here. Have fun at Edu week! 

Dad- The bus thing was fine it was just because i was sick that it was annoying. I think you’re right about success thing I think i need to look for that more actively.

Mary- You go home in 3 weeks which is a little crazy and hard for me think about lol. Keep workin hard and make sure you work untill the end. Last time to be a missionary. 

Anne and Michael- Thanks for writing me les agradezco. I cant write things in english so i write it in spanish. The things you said Michael are very wise and I think true in my case. Oh wise one. Anne your food storage thing is a great idea! Do it. I’m totally gonna watch some Disney movies with Jane when I get home. 

So we had a zone activity today. We ate food and played dodge ball it was really fun. We shared a video on the atonement and missionary work.  

So I hit my head on a door this week it was my fault haha. well the door cut me and it started bleeding. Now I have a cool looking scar cut right where my eyebrow is. My body is falling apart. I tell people that my companion has been hitting me. There’s is a running theme of medical problems with Elder Cropper every week. 

Well I don’t really have much more to say. Just know that I’m doing well. Life’s good, mission rocks but it’s hard. 

Love you all,

Elder Cropper

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