Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Elder Cropper - August 25th

SO good week we have two people with baptismal dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ugh long time, anyways so a lot happened this week I’ll go through days.

Monday: We had a zone activity it went really well. I got my haircut, which is always an annoying thing to have to do in Chile. I’ve never received a good haircut while being here. 

Tuesday: Normal day

Wednesday: District meeting which was chill. The last district meeting for 2 sisters in our district. Lots of food, which was cool. President called us in the middle of the meeting because he wanted to talk about doing limits to a sector in the zone.(Changing the boundaries of a sector). Neither of us knew the sector very well so we rushed to a computer and figured it out from Google maps. We had splits Wednesday I was with a new missionary named Elder R from California. He’s a nice guy and seems like he’s going to be a good missionary. I always feel so blessed on splits because I feel this huge pressure to like rock the day and accomplish a ton to show the missionary that it’s possible to have success on the mission, and even though its an unsure thing if we are going to have success or not that day on the split we always do (hand of God)

Thursday: Ended the split and started to work like a normal day. The district leaders in our zone went south to Viña for a training meeting so at the end of the day we bought them some food (because they stayed at our house because its the closest to the bus station) and we made them some nummy delicious (nummy delicious is not a real food its just a describing word). It was fun to stay up late and make sure they got on their bus. We played UNO. 

Friday: Crazy day. Elder J wanted to go do that display stand in the morning (the stand is that sign thing that we use that has cool questions and we set it up and people come talk to us.) Well I was feeling that we needed to just go and work like a normal day in our sector and be sure to invite people to the ward activity that we were going to have in the night. Elder J felt strongly about doing the stand so we did it. Well the first crazy thing that happened is that it started tor rain which doesn’t happen much in Chile. Then a dog came over and started urinating on our sign haha that was pretty stupid, I was just like “come on!” Then while we were taking down the stand one of the plastic poles fee\ll from Elder J’s grasp and feel into a city vent in the sidewalk (the pole was lost to man forever) so now we can’t even use the stand, and then afterword’s there was this crazy guy trying to make money who was dressed up as the predator from Alien versus the Predator (its a movie) and he was screaming things like “where is my wife!” It was pretty funny. Anyway he clearly was doing it to make money because he had a bowl thing that he was shaking and people were giving him money. He would stop cars and scare the people--it was pretty crazy. Anyway Elder J leaned over to me and said he probably lost a bet so I started laughing at that and these two people next to us started getting made at us because they thought we were judging the man. They were thinking “you guys are Mormon and your laughing at that man!’ I was thinking to myself “yeah and so is everyone else, he’s doing this to get money.” Well in the end I didn’t say anything back to them they just looked at us angry and we walked away. We shouldn’t have used the display stand that morning haha. 

That night we had the ward activity, it was a talent activity. Elder J and I had not planned anything but then in the last minute we decided to do one of those sound effects acts like they do from “Whos Line Is It Anyways?” Elder J did the noises from of the stage and I acted. We showed the day in the life of a missionary, and everyone loved it. Like they really loved it--it was kinda crazy! That night we stayed up again with the companions of the district leaders while they waited for their companions to come back from Viña in the night. We played cards and had a nerf gunfight. I’ll take an excuse to stay up later then usual any day (we obviously had permission to stay up later from the assistants)

Saturday: We were pretty tired but we just had a normal day of work.

Sunday: Normal day as well. 

Anyway so there’s my week. I’m doing well. We have changes this week but I don’t think I’ll go or at least I hope not because I haven’t baptized in this sector yet. I’d like to stay with Elder J still because he’s my best friend and even though its hard working with your best friend I’d like to perfect our companionship a little more. 

Thanks for all of the letters. Love you guys.

Elder Cropper

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