Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sister Cropper - August 11

Então, week 2 has flown by. This last week was good. We have been praying hard for a family and we still haven´t found them. The Lord really likes to test my patience and faith. ARG 

But we have a date for this Friday! A couple that moved into our ward a few months ago are getting married Friday and the man will be baptized. They are the BEST! The wife is already a member of 8 years and I love her. We have a date for this week. His name is Diogenes. He is the husband to a member that moved into our area. She has been preparing him  like heck and he is so ready. Finally they are getting married this Friday and we get to be the testimonies. I am excited. We are just trying to find more people. I had a goal to baptize 10 before I finished my mission. With this next baptism, I only have four left so I am trying to find these other four people. But it is hard because we have knocked so many doors. Success is not coming like I want it to. The area is hard because a huge part is very rich and apartment buildings but there is a ghetto that we work in and it has brought fruit but we have knocked on every door about 5 times. I am at a fork in the road to what we need to do. I don´t want to have regrets and I am worried that sometimes we waste our time with certain people. I am having to repent a lot!!! 

So the Haitianos are good and funny as always. Elvitha was confirmed but Maxon got lost on his way to church. (He had to go to the city to buy something in the morning (his dad is sick and he had to call him) and was going to come to church after and got lost. So he wasn´t confirmed but will be next week! Odolphe is going to receive the Priesthood next week! Wahoo! That is the best. Seeing your investigator pass/bless the sacrament is even better than baptising. I can´t imagine what it is like when they through the temple. 

Mother- I am good! I will try to eat more fruits and veggies. I am sleeping better. Just we work hard but Heavenly Father makes up the difference! 

I read a part in the BOM today that I just love. I went back to read Jacob 4. And I learned an interesting thing in Jacob 4:7. He talks that we receive weaknesses from Heavenly Father to remember that it is by his grace that we can overcome our weaknesses! Then in D and C 63:20 it talks about our faith and doing the will of the Lord will help us overcome things. I took that to mean overcoming our weaknesses! 

But my comp and I have made some great plans for the ward and this next week! It will be great and I know that the Lord will give us our family that we are looking for!! 

Anne and Michael- Don´t work about the Ebola virus! Haha I hope and you are all well!

Sambo- You rock dude! Keep it up. I have the same difficulties of getting over things. But through the grace of God, we overcome our weaknesses! 

Have a great week everyone! Love you all! 

Sister Cropper 

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