Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sister Cropper - August 18

So as I have said before, lots of miracles happen on the mish and this last week was another example. 

Oh my goodness. Talk about a week of emotions. So our couple who got married almost did not get married! They were fighting a lot and got to the day before when they decided to separate. I spent the whole day crying because I was so sad! We went by and talked with them and tried to help but left thinking that they were going to separate. But then Sinara called that night and said they had talked it over and some things we had said helped change their minds. 

Then Friday morning it came that they were still going over a few bumps. That morning we had started filling the font and then we called Sinara to know officially what was happening. She said that she would call him but that we needed to pray! So I began praying really hard. 

Oh back to last week when I said that I felt I needed to repent is about obedience. Don´t worry I am being obedient! But it is the small things that also
count. It is really turning our will over to the Lord´s and doing to things that we need to do when it is the Lord´s time and not ours. 

So I began repenting even harder for my past sins and praying that all would work out after we talked to Sinara. My companion said I prayed for ten minutes! Ha! So Sinara then called about 15 minutes after and asked if we had prayed! I said YES! And she said that the Lord did miracles and that they were going to be married and he would be baptized!!! So we hurried and called our L de D and he came to interview. They were married after and had the baptism that same night!!! 

We were pooped out on Saturday. 

We worked to find our family and other people that are interested in going to church but still the Lord is testing our patience and endurance. So we didn´t have anyone at church. That was a bummer. But we will work and make sure we can baptize not this sunday but the next. 

All is good and we are happy! Hope you all have a wonderful day. I love reading all our your letters. 

Mom-  We just have some fun ideas about activities and some members have good ideas for finding more people. Your trip sounds like so much fun! I wish I could be there! Mom - I would totally get up early to go to the Fair!!! If I was there, I would. But it is your choice so you have to make the decision. I hope you have a great week! Oh and I got the Minnesota State Fair package! Loved it!! Thank you so much!!!! 

Dad- I do want to go to Canada! I have never been to Quebec so yes I do want to go!! Sounds like the week was good. Thank you for the prayers. I like that spiritual thought. Christ says the same thing in the Sermon on the Mount about where your treasure is, there is your reward. Very interesting. 
Love you! 

Anne and Michael! You guys wrote!! Thanks!!! Loved the letters and Michael - I count you as a brother so any thing you say has lots of value! I am glad you guys are well and life is working out. Anne- stop freaking out! Be grateful!!! Love you all and happy 5th anniversary! Michael- we will see when I get married.... hm

Sambo- I hope you are feeling better and are not sick!!! Being sick always makes life harder and missionary work tough. Ask Heavenly Father for help and to give blessings and eleitos even when your time is short. 

Love you all and hope you have a great week! AGH only two more p-days left (after this one)!!!

Sister Cropper 

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