Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sister Cropper - August 25 (Next week will be her last email from Brazil)

Ugh, this week was good but also long. Lots of stuff happened. 

First we started off the week well and then got a call from the Assitants that we were going to the temple on Wednesday morning!!! So mom and dad! When you were at the temple, so was I!!! 

It was a great session. Really good. Sister Monteiro, (in the celestial room) kept crying! We had the largest group of sisters going home. There are ten sisters going home and only four elders. Kind of cool, huh. 

Plus Wednesday morning, me and my comp got there early for the session and were the first missionaries. President was there and he decided to do my last interview. IT WAS ALL ABOUT MARRIAGE! ARG!! So Michael, be happy. Maybe you will get a new brother-in-law sooner than you thought! 

He first told me how I was an excellent missionary and how my parents must be very proud of me. He said that I have done an excellent work and that he doesn´t give the same speech to every single missionary. 

He told me three key indicators that if a young man has these three things, I will not suffer in my marriage. 

1. A strong testimony that is shown through church service. He said to ask him what calling he has, if he doesn´t have one, then ask what families he visits in mestre familiar. Ask if he visited all of them, who they are, what are their needs, etc. Very interesting...
2. If he is a hard worker. 
3. Has the spirit of leadership. 

Then his own counsel was about the Book of Mormon. Always have the Book of Mornon in reach. He said that I need to read with my family, the Book of Mormon, every day. He said that his family reads before they leave the house (which is at 6:30 in the morning). Sometimes it is very busy in the morning and he said they at least sing a hymn, read a verse or two and pray together. They have done that since their children were babies. 

Very interesting the counsel he gave. I enjoyed the interview. 

So this last week was good but hard. Very tiring. We are just trying to find the right people and it isn´t happening!! The Lord is testing my patience! WE pray for guidance during the day but we haven´t felt anything. But we will continue!! We will make this week even better. 

Grateful for the letters!!! 

Mom- Loved hearing about the state fair! Loved it!! Wish I could´ve been there because it sounded great and really fun. Next year, first in line for sure! Edu week sounded great as well. How cool. hm Also I gave my going home talk yesterday in this ward! It was funny.

Dad- Loved hearing about the fair as well. Loved the spiritual thought! Wow cool stuff! I want to be sancitified!!! 

Sam- You rock, keep rocking it! 

Anne and Michael- Thanks for the letter!! Knew you were pregnant!! Knew it!! 

Sorry, I am running out of time! Love you all and hope this week will be great! 


Sister Cropper 

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