Friday, August 8, 2014

"Week 1 of last transfer- DONE" Sister Cropper, August 4 2014

Dear Family: 

So this week went really well. 

We had some neat experiences. Plus we had two milagres and two people were baptized! Two more Haitianos! One is one that we planned last week but he couldn´t go to church. Another was one that went to church last week and we invited her to be baptized. 

We actually invited her to be baptized last Friday night and she completely agreed! Very exciting. She is nice and really pretty. Her husband is cool and looks like Bob Marley. We are going to try to get him to church so that they can be sealed in the temple! Who doesn´t want that?! 

Our baptism last week was confirmed and he is awesome. Oldolphe is just great. He likes to go out with us and teach. Plus he went and got our investigators yesterday for church! He also helps around at church. He is super fun and we took lots of pictures with him when we went to the temple last Tuesday. 

We had some other cool people that we found but when Sunday came, they didn´t go to church. Lame sauce. One young woman we found read until Alma 26 in one day! She unfortunately doesn´t live in our mission but we will pass on her address. When we visited her the next day, she told us that she only read half (we gave an assignment). She showed us where she read to and I asked her, you started where? She showed the beginning and my companion and I were speechless. We asked her what she learned and she said that we had prophets before and that we need them today! Super cool but she is only 14 so a little hard to baptize. But we will pass on her address. 

By Sunday, my companion and I were so tired. Yesterday, I woke up and asked for help from Pai Celestial because I was so tired! It was amazing to see Him answer my simple plea because that morning we got everything done and made the bus in time. I was really grateful because we were super tired but it was neat to see when I prayed, the Lord answered and gave me strength to complete the day. I told Pai Celestial that I needed help because I wanted to work and be obedient but literally, my body was just tired and I didn´t feel the strength to work. We get up early everyday to practice and prepare more so after a while, it takes a toll on the body. But today we are going to rest, rest, and rest! 

By a year and four months, your body gets really tired. I don´t know how elders do it. I am just tired! 

But all is well! We are just continuing and are happy. I read my PB this morning and really studied it. Something that I think is always cool is that three times, the Lord tells me how I can have happiness: service to others (specifically in the work place), reading the scriptures, and my future posterity. Very interesting. 

Well, love you all! Hope you have a great week! 

Love you all, 

Sister Cropper 

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