Monday, October 6, 2014

Elder Cropper - October 6, 2014

Well get ready for a good letter because this week was even crazier then last week. No joke.

This week was insane. Where shall I begin.

A lot of it has to do with the Elder who ran away. Tuesday I received a call from the mission president (I had the phone) He asked me Elder Cropper, where are you? i thought that was a silly question because President is in the south and I’m in the north--where does he think I’m at? I’m in my sector you silly goose! I didn’t say all that to him I just said I was in my sector. He said “Elder I need you and your companion to be at the hospital in 20 min.” Ummm yeah ok we will be there right away. So anyways 20 min later in front of the hospital, the president pulls up in his hot Ford with the two assistants and the companion of the Elder who ran away. He got out and said something nice like “Aww--look at these two great Elders.” Anyway, he then told us that he and the assistants would be taking the Elder with them and that we needed to go Monday and clean the apartment of the missionaries (the elder who ran and his companion who was in the car with them right then). So supposedly what happened was that  Elder Runaway left a note for his comp saying “Elder cover for me all you can, I need to get to Arica which is a city in the north.” This all happened last Friday and from Friday till Tuesday president spent a ton of time talking with Elder Runaway’s friends and other members he knew to try to find out where this elder went. Somehow he found out that some members had helped him leave which is why he came up to the north to try to get to the bottom of it. The assistants later told me that when they came north they weren’t planning on taking Elder Runaway’s companion with them. President decided to interview the companion of Elder Runaway and it turned out that there were some things going on with breaking the rules so President decided to send the companion to Elder Runaway home too--pretty sad end to the story. So Wednesday was a pretty normal day of work until the assistants called to inform us that they would be staying with us for the zone conference on Friday and that we would do interchanges on Thursday. At the end of the conversation they also asked us if everything went okay when we cleaned up the bad elders apartment. We were like “Wahh—didn’t the president want us to clean it on Monday (p-day)?” I guess that wasn’t what president wanted so we dropped everything and went to go clean an apartment. Supposedly these 2 missionaries had not been working at all and lying about their numbers (kind of fooled us all really) so they had been in their apartment always and it was terrible. I like cleaning so I decided to take the kitchen and Elder Judd took the study room. The kitchen was by far the worst part of the house--it was disgusting. It was a little frustrating to me because Elder Judd was being kind of slow in his cleaning. He restored his cars before his mish so he used to working slow and getting every little detail. I finished cleaning the kitchen the bathroom and 2 bedrooms before he finished the one study room. He was in there for literally 3 hours. I think he was looking through all of their stuff they had left. We found some pretty cool stuff, which was nice. 

Thursday we did interchanges with the assistants. Elder Sa and I were together and it was a blast. We took out the trash. Gave out 4 books in the space of a couple hours. We also set a baptismal date with someone named Paula. She came to conference yesterday. She’s awesome and totally getting ready to be baptized. I hope I stay her to see her baptized. Elder S and Elder J taught a lesson in the church building and President happened to be there doing interviews to find a new mission counselor (president had gotten there a day early before the conference with our zone). While Elder S and Elder J were waiting for the lady they were going to teach they saw the Elder Runaway walk out of an interview with President. The Elder was in street clothes and actually probably no longer an Elder. They shook hands and the ex-missionary walked out of the chapel. I figured all along he was still in the city. 

Friday was the big zone conference and it was awesome. President talked about Faith, Bravery, being assertive and many other things. My favorite part was about faith. It’s from a talk by Kevin W Pearson. In Spanish its called Fe en el señor Jesu Cristo. So in english, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. IT IS GREAT. Basically says that faith is increased by our obedience. Faith is a gift from god. I’ve always wondered how to increase my faith and there’s the answer right there, be more obedient. The being brave thing really helped me too. It was a great conference. We gave a training class for our zone, which I think, went great. The wife of president who stayed for almost the whole presentation for our zone (even though they should really poke their head in all of them) said we did an awesome job. 

After the conference, the assistants drove us home. We said goodbye and they went off to Viña. The rest of our work night was pretty normal. 

General conference was great--I loved it. The first session there were some issues with the cable at the church so we hooked up a computer and watched it on there. For the other sessions we were able to watch in on a TV which was much better. During the Spanish talks we switched it over to Spanish so we could hear the talk in the native language of the speaker. We also understood much of the Portuguese talk they are very similar in some aspects.

A new level has been reached for Elder Cropper because this time I finally remembered my conference notes so I can give a full report of what I liked.

My conference questions had to do much with decision making and how to be a good Dad. I have 4 months in my mission left and all of my “how to continue being a good missionary” questions were answered in my interchange or in the zone conference so the only questions left were the marriage and family ones for conference. 

The talks I enjoyed: 

Richard G Scott- Just how to have a great family what you need to do and such, How to have a good life spiritually.

Elder Kacher- I liked the story he told

Elder Utchdorf- I loved to star reference he made

Elder Godoy- about you P blessing.

Elder Bednar- about missinary work.

Elder what’s his name- the Russian guy that cut everyone in half with his talk.

Elder Eyring- when he talked about his mom and revelation. 

I’m sure there were more but those were the main ones. There was another talked about decision making that I liked. Elder Scott was my favorite. I think a lot of apostles are going to die before the next conference, I say that with as much love humanly possible. 

Well gotta go love ya all. We have changes tomorrow so we will see what happens. 


Elder Cropper

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