Monday, October 6, 2014

Something about a goat... Elder Cropper - September 22, 2014

Well this weeks funny headline comment goes out to Elder J who said something funny yesterday that I said I would use for my email but now we have both forgotten it. Anyways....It was something about a goat I think, no joke. 

So this week we had a baptism! I forgot my camera so ill send a picture next week. Luis smoked on monday so we had to wait on the baptism and do it saturday. He asked me to baptize him because he said i was Buena Onda. which literally means Good Wave. Wave in spanish or in chile at least is used to describe someones vibe, good vibe, bad vibe. Its not that ocean wave that, ola, its the wave of a microwave like energy wave. Anyways he said I had a good vibe so he asked me to baptize him, it was a good experience. 

Moving on.

There we go, so this week was the famous fiestas patrias de Chile! Chi Chi Chi Le Le Le VIVA CHILE! Ya so we ate a ton of food, I haven't been hungry since wednesday. Lots of BBQ and lots of meat. At least the members like us. All missionaries know its a slow time for the work so Elder J and I scheduled a ton of service projects, in total we cleaned out a shed, a back yard, painted a house, and sanded a house, and help someone move. Oh and Elder J fixed someones XBox because I guess he did that before the mission. 

For this weeks health scare I wanna give a shout out to Bishop Herera and his palm trees. The Bishop asked us to help him cut his palm trees leaves shorter or whatever. Anyways while doing that a spike on one of the palms stabbed into my head haha. I was fine but they were like Oh my gosh. We went inside so the bishops wife could pull out the spiky thing. It was just a big splinter like the width of my little finger. The width not the length. It didn't bleed which was the interesting. Now Elder J makes fun of me and says were going to be talking one day about childhood memories or something and I will have forgotten everything from when I was 10. 

The zona is doing well. We are in second for the month. This month seems like its going to be a tough one for the mission. Few baptisms. Looks like we are going to end with 8 which was better then last months 6. If we get over 7 im a happy camper because this missions goal every month is to get 100 baptisms. If every zone gets at least 7 we reach that goal so when we get seven or more I'm happy because its like we've done our part. 

The last few sister missionaries of my group who extended their missions go home today. 

Sad thing that happened yesterday in lunch. We were invited to lunch by some cool members who were having a BBQ. There were other adult members there as well. The started talking about some slightly inappropriate things during lunch which was like yeah whatever, but then they started talking about our Stake President and how they don’t like him at all. Many of them said it was hard for them to even sustain him. The new stake president was a counselor in the mission presidency and I know him well, he is a great man. It was frustrating to me to her things like that about leaders. It literally kind of hurt me on the inside, i could feel the spirit leave. Made me think more about how i can try less to gossip, or look like I'm gossiping. 

Well its time to go. Have a great week! love ya!

Elder Cropper

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