Monday, May 13, 2013

Elder Cropper #4

It was great talking to you guys yesterday! 

MOM I forgot to wish you Happy Mothers Day and Give you your mothers day present! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY yesteray! We were going to sing for you. I thought about sending you a card but I guess they dont do cards in chile because I couldnt find any. I will record Elder Powner and me singing and I'll send it next week.

So don't worry about the athsma thing if it gets bad I'll just go to the docter. Last night I did what you said and took a shower. Doing that and also having the clean blankets helped me. I didn't have any issues last night. I have also changed the time I take my allergy meds to right after studies instead of right before I go to bed. I feel like those allergy meds take a long time to start working but once they work they go for the 24 hours so that's why I switched it. Try fidiling around with different ways to send them. I know that dad sent me a picture from is iphone with him and miss america so maybe you could do that. 

It was really great to talk to you guys last night but also kinda hard. I can see why they only have us do it 2 times a year. If we did it more we would become so unfocused. So Elder Powner and I reviewed our week yesterday during the night and decided we weren't pushing hard enough. We had 4 baptisms last week and I think we became a little comfortable with that. We erased those names of those investigators from our white board because they arent investigators anymore and now we really only have 3 investigators. 1 is Enrique but he didnt come to church yesterday so even though he had a baptisimal date we have to makie a new one for 3 weeks out. Maria Jose is progressing but she couldnt go to church yesterday because she was in Santiago. Plus she is breaking the law of chastity by living with someone (a common thing in Chile) so we can not make a date with her until she gets married, so were focusing on that. The other investigator we have is a mother in a family. Her kids are members and she is not because her husband didn't want to get baptized. They are living togeather as well so we first have to get them married before we can set a baptismal date. It's going to be hard to work that out though because the husband works in the north and his schedule is something like 2 weeks there 1 week here so he isn't here very often. He is here this week though so we are gonna figure that one out this week. We have other investigators but I wouldn't say they are progressing. Basically Elder Powner and I need to find some goldens this week to really give the work here a boost. So this week is gonna be the do or die week!

That's really cool to hear about that lesson [you taught to the ladies across the street.] Have those Elders asked them to be baptised yet?  If not they need to do it the next lesson. They also need to get them to church. And guess what there is a built in ride that lives across the street.

That's awesome to hear about the house for Anne and Michael. I think that Atlanta will be a good place for them. We've never had someone live in Atlanta so this will be cool. Good luck finishing school Michael and giving your speech!

My interview with president was good. He said I had made a lot of improvments from when we had last talked. He specifically said my Spanish was a ton better. I met with the APs as well while Elder Powner was in the interview and they said they were excited about the progress I was making and that they felt I was creating a good foundation with the help of Elder Powner to do great things after my 12 week training was up. 

I thought the insight from your meeting with the GAs was interesting. I really liked those questions.

Allright everyone, I am gonna go have a great week! Mom good luck on your final paper! Michael finish school like a boss. Anne, Dad, and Jane keep on keepin on!


Elder Cropper

PS I will know this saturday if I stay or go so next letter I will tell you.

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